Centennial Time Capsule

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule was created as part of Fresno State’s Centennial celebrations in 2011. The time capsule, which measures 19.8” x 18.2” x 10.3” and is made of weather-appropriate material, was buried near the Memorial Fountain on campus as part of the ceremony.

Items submitted by students included:

  • Top Dog Awards ceremony program
  • Alumni Association t-shirt and mug
  • ASI magazine Campus Compass
  • Black Student Union “Dance Xpress” t-shirt
  • Binder chronicling the 2009/10 student movement protests and strikes
  • Horseshoe signed by the Fresno State Equestrian team
  • Hmong Student Association photo
  • Lacrosse ball signed by the Women’s Lacrosse teams
  • Poster and magazine advertising the Centennial Vintage Days