Greek Life Awards

Delta Sigma Theta Sisters in Human Pyramid

Recognition Celebration

The Annual Greek Life Awards aim to recognize the success of Fresno State fraternal student leaders and organizations.


OUTSTANDING INTERFRATERNALISM This award recognizes a fraternity and a sorority for encouraging involvement and harmony among all of the respected fraternities & sororities and to promote an overall aspect of brotherhood or sisterhood amongst its members.

FRATERNAL VALUES AWARD of DISTINCTION This award is presented to eight seniors who live out the fraternal values of their organization and have made a significant impact upon the Greek community during their collegiate career. This impact may be past or present. The purpose of this award is to recognize an undergraduate fraternity/sorority chapter or council leader who not only lives the fraternal values, but has incorporated those values into positive change within his/her organization, council(s), the fraternity/sorority community, and /or the campus at large.

GREEK MAN/WOMAN of the YEAR This recipient best represents the ideals of Greek Life on the basis of scholarship; chapter, campus and community involvement; and public service. Academic standing will be taken into consideration. *Only one member from each chapter may be nominated.*

OUTSTANDING PRESIDENT This award recognizes a president that exemplifies values of Greek Life, has demonstrated a Commitment to improve the Greek community, promotes a positive image of Greek Life, Participates in other aspects of student life, and demonstrates leadership abilities and high levels of integrity. Academic standing will be taken into consideration.

EXCELLENCE in SCHOLARSHIP ENHANCEMENT This award recognizes a chapter as a whole and the individual members achieve academically. The chapter sponsors programs that promote outstanding individual academic achievement. The chapter recognizes outstanding performance and improvement in members. The chapter has a scholarship chairperson that coordinates scholarship programs and provides relevant resources to be utilized by members.

EXCELLENCE in MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT This award recognizes a chapter that stimulates the development of chapter members’ and new members’ leadership skills by providing resources, workshops, and educational opportunities. The chapter encourages/requires members to get involved in chapter activities or participate in other registered student organizations to develop leadership skills and promote idea exchange and interaction with a wide variety of students.

EXCELLENCE in COMMUNITY SERVICE & PHILANTHROPY This award recognizes a chapter that provides members with opportunities to learn about the importance of civic engagement and contributing to the development of the community by organizing chapter volunteer service projects. The chapter also educated members on providing resources to those in need by including members in philanthropic projects or events that raise money for worthy causes.

EXCELLENCE in RISK MANAGEMENT This award recognizes a chapter that educates members about comprehensive risk reduction and sound risk management practices by providing proactive educational opportunities. The chapter executive board officers lead by example in application of the chapter’s risk management policies.              


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