Greek Life

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  • Sorority Recruitment Spring 2015
  • Fraternity Recruitment Spring 2015
  • Multi-Cultural Sorority & Fraternity Recruitment Spring 2015

    Looking for friendships that will last a lifetime? Interested in serving your campus and your community while pursuing your academic goals? Look no further than Greek Life!

    Greek life combines a variety of opportunities in leadership, social events and educational programs, and can be a home away from home. Your experiences in the Greek community will help you build life-long skills and give you the academic support to be successful in college and beyond.

    The Greek community at Fresno State includes approximately 1,300 men and women in 40+ single-sex fraternities and sororities. For more information, or to find the group that fits you best, contact us at 559.278.2741 or visit our Governing Councils page.

    Active involvement in Greek Life helps instill values that will benefit you throughout your college career, and throughout life.

    Here at Fresno State, we value:

    • Being trustworthy citizens who are positive partners with our college and community
    • Our supporters
    • Good scholarship
    • The gift of service to our college and community
    • The privilege to self-govern
    • Being an avenue to create friendships, sisterhood and brotherhood.