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The Fresno State Bowling Club has established itself as one of the top college club bowling programs in the Nation. In the 2012-2013 season, the team finished 3rd in the USBC Intercollegiate National Championship following a USBC Intercollegiate National Championship win in 2011-2012. The program consists of 25 student-athletes with tryouts being held the first few weeks of the school year.

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League Website: United States Bowling Congress


Cross country, downhill, mountain biking, or standard- Fresno State Club Cycling has it all! Recognized by USA cycling as one of the largest emerging cycling clubs in the country for 2012-2013, the program continues to grow and establish itself by hosting one of the largest races in the state as well as competing in the WCCC Championship.

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Team Website: Fresno State Cycling Team
League Websites: USA Cycling and Western Collegiate Cycling Conference 
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Fresno State Fishing Club is open to individuals of all skill levels. Consisting of 25 anglers that fish both fresh and saltwater, the club also has a team of 10 who fish the FLW College Fishing Western Region Tournaments. The club has made appearances at the National Championship and has consistently won Regional events. Fresno State Fishing also strives to give back to the community by volunteering at events such as the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Troutfest.

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League Website: FLW College Fishing
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Since beginning in 2012, the Fresno State Paintball team has taken off on campus. All those interested are encouraged to participate in tryouts from which a competitive team will be selected. Official league play consists of a 10-12 player roster that travels to compete at various collegiate tournaments including the NCPA College World Cup and the NCPA National Championships in Florida.

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League Website: National Collegiate Paintball Association
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As Fresno State’s oldest club sport on campus, rodeo was recognized as a student club as early as 1960 on campus. Made up of student athletes who excel in horsemanship and handling cattle these skills are displayed through barrel racing, western speed horse races, team roping, saddle bronc riding, and much more. The program includes both a men’s and women’s teams that are members of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association- West Coast Region. Both teams travel throughout the state and adjoining states to compete.

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League Website: National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association-West Coast Region

Rugby, Men’s

Rugby is the fastest growing club sport in the United States and currently the 2nd largest club sport in the world. The sport has been played on and off at Fresno State for almost 40 years and serves as a great feeder program into the local city team. Comprised of over 25 student-athletes making up two competitive squads, Fresno State Men’s Rugby holds tryouts at the beginning of the year and is highly active throughout. Affiliated with the Pacific West Rugby Conference, the team competes throughout the state as well as regional and national tournaments.

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Team Website: Fresno State Men's Rugby
League Website: Pacific West Rugby Conference
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Rugby, Women’s

Fresno State Women’s Rugby has rapidly grown into the largest club sport team on campus within the last couple of years and shows no sign of letting up. Averaging over 35 members a year, the women’s rugby team, this fast paced, hard-hitting sport continues to be popular amongst female student athletes. With competitions being held primarily in the spring semester, newcomers have the opportunity to learn about and practice the sport well before their first competition, so no previous playing experience is necessary. As a team within the Pacific West Rugby Conference, competitions are held within California and at out of state universities.

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Team Website: Fresno State Women's Rugby
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Ski & Board

The Fresno State Ski and Board Club is one of the “coolest” clubs on campus. Competing in different events that include Slalom, Giant Slalom, Snowboard Giant Slalom, Boarder & Skier Cross, Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Nordic Ski Jumping, Nordic Combined, and Nordic Sprint, the club members have plenty to choose from to show off their skills. Tryouts for the team typically are held at the beginning of the school year with competitions starting around the winter season. Local competitions are held at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and other races held during the season include the Western Regional Championships which alternate from northern to southern California annually, and the USCSA National Championships which rotates east-west on an annual basis. In the following years, Fresno State Ski and Board have had team members honored as USCSA All-Americans and National Tournament place winners.

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League Website: Southern California Collegiate Snowsports Conference (SCCSC)
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Soccer, Men’s

Fresno State Men’s Soccer Club continues to be a popular sport on campus. Comprising about 20 student-athletes, tryouts are held right away at the beginning of the fall semester with the competition schedule to follow shortly after. A member of the West Coast Soccer Association- Pacific Division, the Fresno State Men’s Soccer Club is involved in competitions throughout Southern California.

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League Website: West Coast Soccer Association- Pacific Division

Soccer, Women’s

One of the newest club sports on Fresno State’s campus, women’s soccer is looking to establish and grow their program over the next few years. Our women’s soccer club serves as a great opportunity for new and former female athletes to continue participating within a competitive team environment.

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Spirit Squad

Although the Fresno State Spirit Squad has only recently gained recognition as a club sport on campus, their presence on the Fresno State campus has been visible for years. In addition to supporting your favorite sport team on campus, the Fresno State Spirit Squad also provides a competitive aspect to their members. With tryouts being held early in the fall semester, the club competes against other cheer teams in events held by USA Cheer throughout the spring.

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Dance Contact: Katie Elia (
Team Website: Fresno State Spirit Team
League Website: USA Cheer

Trap & Skeet Shooting

Fresno State's Trap and Skeet Club offers opportunities for beginning or experienced shooters. A sport that has been present within the Fresno community for over 50 years, student-athletes are now able to become involved as representatives of Fresno State.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Within the last couple of years, the Fresno State Ultimate Frisbee Club has shown tremendous growth as a program. Beginning in the fall semester, the practice and competitive schedule for the club runs throughout the year. No prior playing experience is necessary and with a roster of 10-15 student-athletes, this co-ed sport club is a perfect way to get involved on campus.

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League Website: USA Ultimate College Division

Volleyball, Men’s

The Fresno State Men’s Volleyball Club has established itself as one of the top college club volleyball programs in the nation. The club has captured three National Championship titles with the latest coming in 2013. In route to their most recent championship, the club also earned the title of the 2013 California State Champions. With practices starting in the fall semester and competition schedule starting up in the winter, the Fresno State Volleyball Club is looking for players that have played at a high level throughout high school or in junior college.

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Team Website: 
League Website: Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League (NCCVL)

Volleyball, Women's 

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Water Polo, Men’s

Fresno State Men’s Water Polo Club has come back strong in recent years competing in competitions against the top water polo powerhouses in the state as members of the Sierra Pacific League. With a competitive roster of 15 players, tryouts and competitions are held in the fall semester. Experience is wanted but not necessary.

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League Website: Sierra Pacific League

Water Polo, Women’s

As a member of the Sierra Pacific league, the Women’s Water Polo Club travels throughout the state competing against some of the top teams in the nation. With a competitive roster of 15 players, tryouts take place in the fall semester with competition and practice commencing in the spring. Experience is wanted but not necessary.

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League Website: Sierra Pacific League


Fresno State Club Sports is very excited to have the Fresno State Wrestling Club as one of its newest additions to the program. Club Sport Wrestling serves as a great opportunity for new and former wrestling athletes to competitive at an intercollegiate level.

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