USU Board of Directors Fountain Re-dedication

The USU Board of Directors gives students a voice when it comes to decision-making for the University Student Union (USU) and Satellite Student Union (SSU) facilities with an annual operating budget of over $2 million dollars. Serving on the USU Board are 12-15 student leaders working alongside faculty and administrators from across campus to help the USU meet the needs of Fresno State students.

By joining the USU Board, you can gain the kind of professional experience, responsibility, and accountability that wows future employers all while serving your fellow students!

Student members of the USU Board serve one- and two-year terms, while:

  • Representing all students on issues affecting the USU and SSU
  • Encouraging student involvement and leadership development
  • Consistently attending trainings, weekly meetings, and weekly office hours
  • Serving on one or more USU Board committees

If you are interested in joinging our USU Board of Directors team, visit our Recruitment page to find out more information. 

USU Points of Pride:

  • An average of 94,000 people visited the USU each month
  • The USU employs more than 50 students each year
  • Today, students pay $59 per semester to support their University Student Union