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Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate (CCLC)

Program Overview 

Students who are selected for a Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate (CCLC) cohort must attend a mandatory convocation as well as monthly cohort meetings. These serve to provide a network of support for participants as well as supplement experiences with leadership training.  

The Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate (CCLC) cultivates responsible leadership by enriching student learning through educational and experiential opportunities.

The Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate focuses on the following core competencies:

  • Character Building
  • Community Engagement
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Dynamics

These competencies are achieved through hands-on experience, educational opportunities, exploring diversity, community service, collaboration with peers/coaches, and reflection. The formal CCLC program takes place over two semesters; students have 3 semesters to complete all requirements of the program. Students who successfully complete the program will gain valuable involvement experiences, will have an opportunity to reflect on how those experiences have shaped their leadership skills, and will be able to effectively communicate those skills to prospective academic programs or employers.

*We are currently not taking participants and will relaunch the CCLC program in the future.*