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Club Recognition Renewal

Your organization is responsible for completing the Club Registration process during the first four weeks of the fall semester.

The Club Registration process includes:

  1. Updating the Club Registration Form,
  2. Completing the Officer and Advisor Agreement Forms, and
  3. Viewing the Club and Organization Orientation Videos.
  4. Review Student Club & Organization Handbook  (Updated August 2018).

Failure to register your organization will result in loss of recognition with the university.

Important Club Deadlines

  • Submit all your renewal materials by Friday, September 28th at 5pm.
  • New clubs and orgs can submit new club materials any time during the academic year, additional info can be found here
  • Club and Organization Booth Lottery, Wednesday, December 12th from noon-1pm in USU 312-314. Booth Guidelines can be found here.
  • Officer eligibility will be re-checked in the spring (President / Treasurer 2.0 Previous Term, Enrolled in 6 units or more, under 150 units maximum, and in good standing, Vice Presidents we check if they are enrolled).

Club Recognition Renewal Resources

Any time your organization changes officers or advisor throughout the year, you are required to update the information with the Student Involvement Center. Updating this information ensures important information and communication coming from our office is being sent to the correct individuals within your organization.

On-campus Banking

Outlined in ICSUAM 3141.01 and Fresno State campus policy B-56, monies collected in the name of the Student Organization must be maintained in a bank account of the University or an Auxiliary Organization.

At no time shall a Student Organization deposit funds into an unauthorized bank account. Any exemptions to this requirement must be approved by the campus CFO.

"Club Accounts" are provided by the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) to Fresno State student clubs/organizations.

Services Provided:

  • account security
  • balance inquiries
  • reimbursements and deposits
  • assistance with paperwork
  • funding for on campus events
  • new club - grants


For additional information please contact Associated Students Inc. (USU 317) at 559-278-2656 or visit

ICSUAM Review FlowchartOrganizations who seek to open or maintain a bank account off-campus with a financial institution of the organization's choosing (ex: credit unions or banks) will need to demonstrate "separate legal status" in order to submit a request.

See flowchart for overview of exemption process and how to identify if your organization has "separate legal status".


Questions and/or assistance please contact Student Involvement (USU 306) at 559-278-2741 or

To make a request to be exempt from the on campus banking requirement an organization must submit a request at Fresno State's Orgsync at the following URL

Questions and/or assistance please contact Student Involvement (USU 306) at 559-278-2741 or


Club and organizations members are encouraged to attend workshops offered throughout the school year on various topics rel;ated to effectively running a student club or organization.

"Event Planning" Monday February 25th 12:00pm - 1:00pm USU 308

Come learn how to plan and implement an event

"Event Planning" Thursday February 28th 1:00pm - 2:00pm USU 310

 Come learn how to plan and implement an event

"Event Planning" Tuesday March 5th 11:00am - 12:00pm USU 309

 Come learn how to plan and implement an event

Helpful Organization Resources 

Student Involvement Handouts

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