Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from our clubs & organizations


Tax ID Information

1 Can we use Fresno State's tax ID number?


2 Can we use ASI's tax ID number?


3 Where can my organization secure a tax ID number?

Tax ID numbers are issued independently from the IRS. Application forms can be picked up in USU 306.

Raffles & Drawings

1 Can we host a raffle on campus?

Due to state law, no raffles can be hosted on campus.

2 Can we have a drawing with no money transactions?

Yes, visit Student Involvement in USU 306 for more information.

Posting Signage on Campus

1 Can we chalk outside of the University Student Union (USU)?

Yes, prior approval needed from Student Involvement in USU 306. 

2 Can we chalk in other areas on campus?

Prior approval from Plant Operations needed.  Contact Student Involvement in USU 306 or at 278-2741 for more information.

3 Can we place handbills or other promotional items on cars parked in Fresno State parking lots?


4 Can we utilize the outdoor kiosks throughout campus?


5 Can we use the bulletin board/ display boards in each building around campus?

Most boards are available for any postings, others you may need to receive permission (see contact info on the board for details.)

6 Banners hanging over the USU ledge/pit

Need prior approval via the Reservations Office.  Call 278-6024 for more information.

7 Are we allowed to stake within the Peace Garden?

Due to the landscaping of the area, staking is not allowed.

8 Can we use A Frames?


9 Can we use H Frames/wooden stakes?

Due to the maintenance of grass areas, only stake in flower beds or near trees.

9 Can we pass out handbills?

Only in the area immediately outside of the University Student Union.


1 Can we have an on-campus event and sell tickets that go to my organization/community cause/philanthropy?

Yes, information regarding logistics can be provided by the Event Review Committee.  Contact Student Involvement at 278-2741 for more information.

2 Can we collect dues on behalf of our organization?


Can we have off-campus fundraising (partnering with a local business/ flyer with percentage of sales with local org).


4 Can we fund raise on campus?

It varies on a case by case basis; contact Student Involvement in USU 306 or at 278-2741 with your request to seek approval.

Club Finances

1 Can we request funds from ASI?

Yes, up to $3,000 per semester. See ASI in USU 316 or visit for more details.

2 Can IRA funding be requested?

Yes, these organizations must have a direct connection to a department (with academic ties). See ASI in USU 316 or visit for more details.

3 Are campus bank accounts available for my club/organization?

Yes, ASI offers an on campus bank account to clubs. See ASI in USU 316 or visit for more details.

Serving & Selling Food on Campus

1 Are we allowed to serve food on campus?

2 Are we allowed to sell food on campus?

3 Where can I find the Food Waiver Form

The Food Waiver form can be accessed at  Complete and submit a Food Waiver Form detailing your request at least 30 days in advance of your event.

4 What brands of beverages can be served?

Only Pepsi products are allowed to be served on campus. A large water container with individual cups is OK.

5 Food Service Training

Contact the Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management & Sustainability Department at 559-278-7422 or visit