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TRiO -  Student Support Services for students with Disabilities

New Academic Student Support Services Program at SSD!

Fresno State was recently awarded a grant to establish a new Student Support Services Program for students with disabilities; TRiO - SSSD. The program will be coordinated as part of our existing Services for Students with Disabilities program. For the first time on our campus disabled college students who are also first-generation and low-income will benefit from a sizable grant awarded to Fresno State by the U.S. Department of Education's TRiO Student Support Services program. 

 Applications are now available! (Click Here) 

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Program Objectives

OBJECTIVE  1   PERSISTENCE RATE:    86% of all participants served by the DSSS project will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year or graduate and/or transfer from a 2-year to a 4-year institution during the academic year.  

OBJECTIVE  2   GOOD ACADEMIC STANDING RATE: 93% of all enrolled participants served by the DSSS project will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing at Fresno State.

OBJECTIVE   3   GRADUATION RATE: 56% of new participants served each year will graduate within six (6) years.


Student Support Services of the TRiO SSSD Program

  • Academic Tutoring with a Learning Specialist and Peer Tutoring: one-on-one and in a group
  • Advising and Counseling & Peer Academic Coaches regular review
  • Training on Read & Write Gold software for Reading and Writing skills development
  • Financial Aid Advising & Financial Literacy
  • Admissions and Transfer Process Assistance
  • Assistance in planning for Graduate school.
  • Learning Styles Assessment & Study Skills Development
  • Computer Skills development and Assistive Technology Review and Training
  • Career Exploration
  • Library Skills Development
  • Mentoring & Peer Support "MAPS" program for students w/ASD and related challenges
  • Supplemental Grant program