Accessible Testing Services - FAQ

How do I request for an exam?

Students will need to fill out a "Test Request Form" for each class that the student would like testing accommodations for. For example, if the student has four classes they will need to fill out four different forms. On each form, the student will need to fill in the class information and list all exam dates and times for the semester (excluding final). Students may find their exam dates in their class syllabus. Test Request Forms are located in the SSD office at the front desk or you may obtain it on SSD's Forms page.

When do I turn in the Test Request Form?

Test Request Forms are due to the SSD office one week prior to the first exam date of that specific class. This will give SSD time to put information in the data system and request exam from the instructor. Once the student turns in the Test Request Form all they need to do is show up the day of exams. A copy of the request will be emailed to Professor for notification.

How does SSD obtain my exam?

SSD will email the student's professor 3 days prior to the exam date, requesting for the exam to be emailed to the Testing Coordinator or picked up from the department of the professor.

When is my exam returned to my professor?

Exams are delivered to the professor's department mailbox by a courier the same day the exam is taken unless the department is closed, the exam will be delivered that following morning. 

Will my exam be secure?

Security and complete confidentiality of the test materials is assured at all times

What time should I take my exam?

Students are expected to take exams at the same time that the classroom exam is scheduled unless arrangements have been made with the professor. It may be necessary to reschedule an exam if the extended time would mean that the student would miss another class or if the class meets at a time that the SSD office is not open.

What if my class is online?

Blackboard exam times can be extended by the professor. The Professor will need to go to their Blackboard for that class and change the time limit for the student who receives testing accommodations. The professor may need to verify the time with the testing coordinator by emailing or calling. For help on accommodations on Blackboard please call Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT) at 559-278-2819 or please visit Technology Innovations for Learning and Teaching (TILT) website.

How do I request for Pop Quizzes?

Students who may have pop quizzes in their class will need to fill out a "Pop Quiz Form" located at the front desk of SSD. Please make an appointment with the Testing Coordinator to evaluate the quiz situation. The Testing Coordinator will need to work with the professor in getting the quizzes and facilitate with the student on notification of quiz dates.