Directions and Parking

Services for Students with Disabilities is accessible from Barton Avenue, off of Shaw Avenue. We are located in the Henry Madden Library Suite 1202, on the south wing of the first floor. 

Directions from the entrance of the Henry Madden Library:

  1. Enter the Henry Madden Library and stay to your left-hand wall around the Circulation Desk.
  2. Continue towards the elevators in the South wing of the library.
  3. Once you reach the elevators, SSD is directly on your left-hand side in Room 1202.
  4. If you require further assistance, please call 559-278-2811


Map to SSD's Office


Just visiting?

Blue curb and metered parking are available in lot D (staff parking only), near the library. Additional blue curb parking is available in lot E (staff parking only). All other parking is by meter (located on streets) or in Green lots using a semester parking permit or a one day permit.

How do I apply for parking?

Parking on campus requires either a semester parking permit or a one day permit. The one-day permit is $3.00 and may be purchased from coin-operated machines located at the entrances to campus (locations can also be found on the campus map). Semester permits are $68.00 and summer permits are $44.00 and may be purchased at the Cashier's Office in the Joyal Administration Lobby.

If you require blue curb (disability) parking and have a DMV disability placard, you may park in the blue (disability) parking spaces by displaying both your placard and either a semester or one-day pass. You may park in the metered spaces for free, displaying only your DMV placard. If you do not have a DMV placard, you may apply for blue curb parking by submitting verification of your disability to the SSD office. Blue curb parking is the same rate as green (student) parking permits.