Q:Where should I go to make sure I am on track to graduating in a timely manner?
You should meet with your major advisor on a continuous basis to ensure you are on target to complete all major requirements before applying to graduate. Be sure to keep a signed copy of your progress for your records. An academic counselor with the Office of Advising Services (Joyal Administration Building , Room 224, 559.278.1787) can also assist you with General Education and degree requirements.

Q:What are the "residence units" required for a baccalaureate degree?
The residence requirement for the baccalaureate degree specifies that 30 units shall be earned in residence at the campus granting the degree and of these 30 units:

  • 24 units are required to be upper-division courses
  • 12 of the units are required in the major
  • 9 units are required in General Education

Extension credit and credit by evaluation, including credit by examination, may not be used to fulfill the above described requirements.

Q:When I complete my degree requirements, do I automatically earn a diploma?
No, You must apply for graduation.

Q:When do I apply to graduate, and what are the steps I should take?
During the filing period, you will file your degree application and pay the filing fees by using the online Undergraduate Degree Checkout Process through your Student Center>Apply for Undergraduate Degree. After you have clicked on Apply for Undergraduate Degree, follow the Undergraduate Degree Checkout Completion Steps until you receive a message that you have successfully submitted your degree application. You must return to the main page to “Submit” the application after you pay the fee. You may pay online with Master Card, Discover, American Express, or electronic check.

After you apply for graduation and your application has been reviewed, the Degree Advising Office will send you an email to your Fresno State email account with your graduation status

NOTE : If you are a Liberal Studies or College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology major, you must submit a major approval form before your application will be processed. Contact your major advisor prior to your last semester for details.

Q:If I plan to continue my education, do I need to reapply for admission to the university?
A: Yes, and depending on your goal, this may be a two-part process. If you have completed all requirements for a bachelor's degree and intend to continue postbaccalaureate and/or graduate study at Fresno State , you must apply for admission to postbaccalaureate and/or graduate status at www.calstate.edu/apply and pay the non-refundable application fee. Check with Graduate Admissions ( Joyal Administration Building , Room 121, 559.278.4073) for deadlines.

If you plan to enter a specific master's program, you must also apply for admission to that program. Application requirements and deadlines may vary, so please contact your department as soon as possible during your senior year, if not before.

Q:What is the difference between Postbaccalaureate and Graduate status?
If you have completed your bachelor's degree and filed for graduation, and you wish to come back and take additional classes (for any reason), then you are considered a Postbaccalaureate ("after bachelor's degree") student. Graduate students are those who have been officially accepted into a master's program. For more information, contact the Divison of Graduate Studies ( Thomas Administration Building , Room 132, 559.278.2448).

Q:What happens if I miss the deadline to apply for graduation?
For specific details, contact the Degree Advising Office ( Joyal Administration Building, Room 115) as soon as possible.

Q:Can I still participate in commencement ceremonies if I am only a few classes short of completing my degree requirements?
Yes, you may still participate in Commencement if you have not completed all of your degree requirements as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of 100 semester units (senior status)
  • Have established a 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Are currently enrolled in a California State University, Fresno program, please visit the Degree Advising Office in Joyal Administration, Room 115, during the first four weeks of the Spring semester.

NOTE: You will NOT graduate with a degree or receive your diploma until you have applied for your degree and all degree requirements are completed.

Q:When should I expect to receive my diploma?
Your diploma will be mailed to you after grades have been posted and the Degree Advising Office has verified that all degree requirements have been met.

Q:What will be printed on my diploma?
A: Your diploma will state that you have earned either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in your major, including option if applicable. Minors are not included on the diploma but are posted on your official transcript. Graduation with honors is also included for high academic achievement.

Q:What is the criteria for graduating with honors?

  1. You must have an overall minimum grade point average of 3.50 on all work attempted.
  2. You must have a minimum grade point average of 3.50 on all work taken at California State University , Fresno .
  3. You must have completed 45 units in residence at California State University , Fresno .

If you meet the above criteria, your grade point average earned at California State University , Fresno determines which honors you receive:

Summa Cum Laude (highest honors)....................3.90 to 4.00 Fresno State GPA
Magna Cum Laude (high honors).........................3.70 to 3.89 Fresno State GPA
Cum Laude (honors)............................................3.50 to 3.69 Fresno State GPA

Since the requirement for honors could change, you should check the current General Catalog for the criteria in effect at the time of your graduation.