How to Access Your Scholarship Money

Fresno State Scholarship Awards

Fresno State scholarship awards are traditionally offered for the academic year and are disbursed at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters. However, some awards may only be for a single semester. Please reference your Fresno State Financial Aid award screen by logging in to and click on "Student Center." Under the "Finances" header, select "View Financial Aid" to see how your funds are allocated. Your award will appear on your student account after you have accepted the award and after the Scholarship Office confirms your eligibility for this award. Please Note: it may take a few weeks for the Scholarship Office to confirm your eligibility and post the award on your Financial Aid screen.

Your scholarship will be electronically credited to your student account when all requirements for disbursement have been met, but no earlier than one week before the beginning of the semester. If fees are owed to Fresno State at the time your scholarship is disbursed, the funds will be applied towards the outstanding balance. If you have a zero balance, or your award exceeds what is currently owed, then the remaining balance will be disbursed to you through the Higher One-Fresno State Choice Card.  For more information about the Fresno State Choice Card, please click here

External Scholarship Awards

When private organizations award you a scholarship, they typically mail the scholarship check to Fresno State. If they mail the check directly to you, please bring the check to the Scholarship Office for processing. Since banks are now refusing to accept third party checks, or co-payable checks, all scholarship checks received payable to Fresno State must be cashed by the university.

All scholarship checks received are deposited to the student's account.  This is the same account that manages all of the student's financial obligations,  payments, and credits.  Students can confirm if a scholarship has been credited to their account by logging on and clicking on "Student Center."  Under the "Finances" heading, select "Account Inquiry."  Then click on "activity" to view specific details for that semester.   

The Scholarship Office will notify students via email when a scholarship check is received and deposited to their account. It may take 1-2 business days before the funds are officially posted to the account and visible under the "Account Inquiry" screen.  If your registration fees and other financial obligations are paid, and you have a credit on your student account, you will automatically be refunded the credit balance through the Higher One-Fresno State Choice Card.   If you have any questions about the about the refund process, please contact Student Financial Services at (559) 278-2876.