Planned Educational Leave of Abscence

A planned educational leave of absence is defined as a planned interruption or pause in a student's regular education during which the student temporarily ceases formal studies at California State University, Fresno, while pursuing other activities that may assist in clarifying the student's educational goals. The intent of the policy is to make it possible for a student to suspend his or her academic work and later resume studies with a minimum of procedural difficulty.

A student who is approved for a planned leave will be considered a continuing California State University, Fresno student. A student with an undergraduate degree objective may enroll for classes at the end of an approved leave without reapplying for admission and may continue at California State University, Fresno without changing graduation requirements.

A planned educational leave for graduate students must be recommended by the dean, Division of Graduate Studies. Information is available, Division of Graduate Studies, Thomas Administration Build, Room 132.

Planned educational leaves may be granted for a variety of reasons or projects, but certain characteristics must be contained in any request for a leave:

  1. The student must have a definite objective, which in the judgment of the appropriate university official, contributes to his or her educational goals and objectives.
  2. The request must be for a specific period of time which shall not exceed four consecutive semesters.
  3. The student must plan to return to California State University, Fresno at the conclusion of his or her leave.
  4. A medical condition is not considered grounds for a planned educational leave of absence.

The following regulations apply to the planned educational leave:  

  1. A student currently enrolled in a fully matriculated session may be considered for a planned educational leave.
  2. A student may be granted only one leave. Planned educational leaves are granted for two to four consecutive semesters only.
  3. International students must be recommended by the director of international student services and programs; educational opportunity program students by an EOP counselor.
  4. Petitions for planned educational leaves must be filed (with the appropriate recommendation) at the Registrar's Office before the first day of classes for the semester during which the leave is to begin.
  5. Leaves are not approved for students in disqualified status or on contract to remove academic deficiencies.
  6. It is expected that a student will devote his or her leave primarily to nonclassroom activities. A leave is not approved if the student plans to attend another institution, unless the coursework the student seeks is not available at California State University, Fresno. Any academic credit earned while on a planned educational leave is accredited by California State University, Fresno only if permission is granted for that credit in advance.
  7. Students who do not return to the university at the conclusion of their planned educational leave and those who enroll elsewhere will be considered to have withdrawn from the university at the end of their last semester of regular enrollment at California State University, Fresno and will have to reapply for admission upon their return.

Students wishing to apply for a planned educational leave should print and complete the request form at the link below. Take the completed form to the Registrar's office located at Joyal Administration Bldg., Rm 106.

Planned Educational Leave Request Form

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at Joyal Administration Bldg., Rm 106 or (559)278-2191.