Community College CSU GE Breadth

As part of the general education requirements for a bachelor's degree, all CSU students must meet the minimum of forty-eighty (48) semester units of general education breadth requirement. The general education requirement includes thirty-nine (39) semester units of lower-division (GE-Breadth) and at least nine units (9) of upper-division courses.

The CSU GE-Breadth Requirements is a lower division 39 semester (58.5 quarter) unit patternwith specified courses in the areas of:

  • Area A — English Language Communication and Critical Thinking
  • Area B — Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Area C — Arts and Humanities
  • Area D — Social Sciences
  • Area E — Lifelong Learning and Self-Development

Each California Community College has a list of courses that can be used in each of the areas. View CSU GE-Breadth for all community colleges.

Local community college CSU GE-Breadth requirements

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