Residency Information

Determining Residency

Residency determination qualifies students for resident and non-resident/ international tuition and fees. Fresno State’s requirements for establishing residency for tuition purposes are independent from those of other types of residency, such as for tax purposes, or other state or institutional residency.

These regulations were promulgated not to determine whether a student is a resident or nonresident of California, but rather to determine whether a student should pay University fees on an in-state or out-of-state basis.

Each CSU Admissions Office is responsible for determining the residency status of all new and returning students based on the Application for Admission, Residency Questionnaire, Reclassification Request Form, and, as necessary, other evidence furnished by the student. A student who fails to submit adequate information to establish eligibility for resident classification will be classified as a non-resident.

A resident for tuition purposes is someone who meets the requirements set forth in the Uniform Student Residency Requirements. These laws governing residency for tuition purposes at the California State University are California Education Code sections 68000-68090, 68120-68134, and 89705-89707.5, and California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Subchapter 5, Article 4, sections 41900-41916. This material can be viewed on the Internet by accessing the California State University's website at

Complete details can be found in the University Catalog, which is the final authority on matters of residence. Also, for more information, please review the attachment, Ten Things to Know about Residency.

A Residence Determination Date is set for each academic term and is the date from which residence is determined. They are as follows:

Semesters Determination Date
Fall September 20th
Winter January 5th
Spring April 1st
Summer July 1st