Early Start Resources


Early Start Schedule Change/Refund Form (PDF coming soon) - Use this form to request a refund if you become exempt, or if you need to add, drop, or switch your Early Start courses.

Early Start Exemption Petition Form (PDF coming soon) - If you are unable to attend Early Start due to a serious and compelling reason, fill out this form.  Note: traveling over the summer does NOT exempt you from the Early Start requirement.

Fresno State Building Abbreviations (PDF) - This guide will help you identify the building abbreviations on Fresno State maps and in your class schedule.


Registration Resources

How to Accept Your Admission (YouTube) - This  tutorial will show you how to accept your admission to Fresno State.

How to Use Up Your Smart Page (YouTube coming soon) - This tutorial will show you how to read and use your Early Start Smart Page.

How to Register for Early Start (PDF coming soon) - This tutorial will show you how to register for Early Start courses in MyFresnoState.

Community College Courses Accepted by Fresno State (PDF) - Students who have taken English or Mathematics courses at California community colleges may use this guide to see if their coursework will satisfy Fresno State college readiness requirements.


English and Math Preparation

Early Assessment Program (EAP) - information on CAASPP results, EAP statuses, and more.

CSU English Success - A list of resources to help you prepare for college-level English.

CSU Math Success - A list of resources to help you prepare for college-level Math, including preparation for the Elementary Level Mathematics (ELM) exam.


Other Early Start Programs

Courses by CSU Campus - A comparison guide to Early Start offerings at all CSU campuses.

CSU Campus Early Start Websites - Use the links below to view Early Start program information at other CSU campuses.