The Cost of Early Start Courses

Course Fees

Early Start courses cost $182 per unit.

  • Early Start English 1 (1-unit): $182
  • Early Start Math 1 (1-unit): $182
  • Early start Math 3 (3-units): $546

Student Fees

You will be charged a one-time fee, during the Early Start Program, of $1 for access to the Student Health Center, and $1 for use of the University Student Union and the Student Recreation Center.


The instructor will give you information on the materials you will need for the course and the cost of the materials when the class begins.  Be sure to bring your own paper and pencils, or pens, to use for class work.

The following are estimated costs of some of the textbooks used by Early Start instructors. These are rough estimates and are subject to change.

  • Early Start English 1 - You will need to print reading materials and documents that will be made available online. It will cost approximately $20 for supplies, copying, and printing.
  • Early Start Math 1 - A booklet will be available at the Kennel Bookstore for about $15.  Bring supplies needed to complete math problems in class.
  • Early Start Math 1 (online) - You will need to purchase an online booklet for approximately $5.
  • Early Start Math 3 - Purchase the textbook used for the University's Math 4R class for approximately $95.97+tax (e-book) or $149.27+tax (e-book plus loose-leaf book).

DO NOT purchase any textbooks until you receive a syllabus and/or specific instructions from your instructor.

Financial Aid

If you have submitted a FAFSA and meet a specific estimated family contribution (EFT), you will be eligible for a waiver of course and student fees for the Early Start Program. The waiver does not cover textbooks, parking expenses, or course supplies (e.g. paper, pens, printing).

To check your fee waiver eligibility:

  1. Login to your portal
  2. Go to your "Student Center"
  3. Click on "My Admissions and Program Applications"
  4. Click on "Remediation/Early Start"
  5. In the third box you will see your fee waiver eligibility, "Financial Aid Information".

Early Start Refunds

Dropping Courses

BEFORE or ON the first day of class - If you drop your Early Start course for any reason (e.g. if you choose to attend another CSU campus for Early Start or choose not to attend Fresno State in the fall), you will receive a refund of your Early Start tuition-fees if you drop before or on the first day of class. To receive a refund, please drop your course(s), fill out the Refund Petition form, and submit it to Continuing and Global Education, Kremen School of Education, Room 130, within 14 days.

Last Day to Drop Course(s) & Request a Refund
Session One Session Two Session Three
Monday, June 19 Tuesday, July 3 Monday, July 17

AFTER the first day of class - If you drop a course after the first day of class, you WILL NOT receive a refund unless you have a serious and compelling reason. Examples: military service, jury duty, serious illness, or childbirth. You must provide an explanation on the refund form. 



If you become exempt from Early Start after registering and paying for the course, you will receive an automatic refund.

Go to the Exemptions page for more information about Early Start exemptions.