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  Member Department Term Length Term Expiration
Chair Jody Hironaka-Juteau College of Health and Human Services Standing n/a
Co-vice Chair Francine L. Oputa Cross Culture and Gender Center Standing n/a
Co-Vice Chair Ignacio Hernandez Educational Leadership Department Standing n/a
Project Coordinator Vicki Taylor Administrative Services Standing n/a
Provost Lynnette Zelezny Academic Affairs Standing n/a
Vice Provost Dennis Nef Academic Affairs Standing n/a
  Angel Sanchez Institutional Effectiveness Standing n/a
  Eric Coleman Student-Athlete Services Standing n/a
  Carolyn Coon Student Affairs Standing n/a
  Rudy Sanchez Faculty Affairs Standing n/a
    Services for Student with Disabilities Standing n/a
  Andrew Jones Sociology Standing n/a
  Marylou Mendoza-Miller Human Resources Standing n/a
  Rima Maldonado Services for Students with Disabilities Three-year June 2018
  Larissa Mercado-Lopez Women's Studies Two-year June 2017
  Julie Moore Library Three-year June 2017
  Veena Howard Psychology Two-year June 2017
  Jill Fields History One-year June 2017
  Joy Goto Biochemistry Three-year June 2017
  Negin Tahvildary Philosophy Three-year June 2017
  Melissa Knight Women's Studies Program Two-year June 2018
  John Beynon English Two-year June 2017
    Associated Students Inc. - Graduate Student One-year June 2017
    Associated Students Inc. - Undergraduate Student One-year June 2017