The Early Start Program: Timeline

The Early Start Program at Fresno State will be offered beginning late June. Dates may vary at other CSUs. If you are required to complete the Early Start Program, you will not be permitted to enroll in the Fall 2014 term until you identify how you will fulfill this requirement.

Item Date
Application Deadline November 30, 2013
Take the SAT or ACT No later than December 2013
Admission Notification December 2013
All Freshmen admission decisions sent January 2014
Deadline to accept offer of admission May 1, 2014
Early Start early registration begins May 5, 2014
Final date to take EPT/ELM May 2014 (system-wide test date)
Deadline to complete Early Start Program Smart Page July 15, 2014
Early Start Registration Payment Due June 6, 2014
Early Start drop for non-payment of fees June 7, 2014
Registration resumes. Fees due within 24 hours June 9, 2014
Deadline to request refund June 23, 2014
Deadline to complete Early Start Program activities August 1, 2014