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The civil engineer plans, designs, builds, maintains, and operates facilities for the private and public sectors to solve many of the complex problems facing modern society. These facilities include bridges, dams, highways, transit systems, airports, tunnels, irrigation systems, water distribution and wastewater treatment plants, space satellites and launching systems, and industrial and commercial buildings. The challenges facing the civil engineer are endless. The multitude of activities offers an almost unlimited range of career opportunities to satisfy individual interests, aptitudes, and goals. These opportunities exist in industry, private consulting, and in public agencies.
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With high quality academics and accredited programs, the college’s departments include civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering and construction management. And this: geomatics engineering, the only degree program of its kind in California.

The dedicated faculty not only works closely with students but develops partnerships with industries in our region. There are opportunities for internships, projects and joining organizations to expand contacts with fellow students and professionals. The college also offers Engineering Pathways, a program that provides support for students who need a little guidance navigating their studies. The services include tutors, computer labs and counseling as well as networking with industry experts.

Graduates from this college have established stellar careers. They include astronauts, Fortune 500 executives, business owners, designers as well as leaders in all levels of public service. Perhaps you see yourself fitting in that proud tradition?

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