Money Management Center Events

February 2017

February 14

1:00 pm-
6:00 pm
Library 3212

Love & Taxes: FREE H&R Block Federal Tax Preparation Clinic

*Dutch Bros gift card giveaway

*Free Pizza

Details: As a student you may qualify for certain tax credits that you didn't know existed.

Don't miss out on a larger refund!!!

Professional tax preparation experts will be on campus to complete your federal 1040EZ for FREE!!!

Just bring your student ID, Federal or State ID, your W-2, and we will do the rest!

February 22

11:00 am-
12:00 pm


1:00 pm-
2:00 pm

ED 165

Break Up with Hunger: Apply for Up to $192 in Monthly Groceries

*Starbucks gift card giveaway

Details: Did you know students may qualify for up to $192 in monthly Cal-Fresh benefits?

We are pairing with the Student Cupboard to host “Break Up with Hunger”, a clinic where students can easily apply for these benefits and learn how to save money on food.

February 27

3:30 pm-
4:30 pm
Library 3212

Can I Get Your Number? The Link Between Credit Scores and Online Dating Success

*Free Pizza

Details: Studies show that the higher a person's credit score, the likelier they are to finding a romantic relationship online. 

Whether you're single or taken, we'll give you tips on how to get an awesome credit score that anyone will love!

March 2017

March 7

11:30 am-
12:30 pm
USU 311

Retirement: The Earlier, the Sweeter

*Free Pizza

Details:  Already tired of working? Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re 60! It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. 

Even if you don’t think you make enough now to think about this, we’ll show you how a very small amount today can mean living the good life even earlier!

March 13

4:00 pm-
5:00 pm
Library 2206

Stop The Excuses & Start Crushing Money: Effectively managing your college budget

*Free Pizza

Details: You know you need to take your money game to the next level. Like-now.  Do excuses get in the way of achieving this?

We’ll share the top 5 excuses and how to overcome them to start CRUSHING money!

March 17

Preview Day Workshop & Tabling
Time & Location TBD

Making College Cheap Without Eating Just Ramen

Details:  When it comes to college, it’s the elephant in the room that no one quite knows how to handle: college affordability.A college degree can be one of the wisest investments of a person's life. Learn how to budget without living off of ramen!

March 21

4:00 pm-
5:00 pm
Library 2206

How Not to Move Back In with Your Parents Part 1: Master Budgeting

*Free Pizza

Details:  You may love your parents, but do you really want to move back in with them? 

A budget is the secret ingredient to living an independent life.---We'll help you create one.