Academic Success Workshops

The Academic Success Workshops are a series of student support events offered each semester that center on addressing matters that impact success. We typically will introduce study strategies, innovative software, campus resources, and best practices to empower students through positive, interactive and collaborative lessons on success building. Workshops are open to all Fresno State students and pre-registration is not necessary. Please bring your student ID so we can record your attendance. Workshops are on a first come, first serve basis (as room capacity permits). See the Fall 2017 Academic Success Workshop calendar(below):



Types of Academic Success Workshops  

College 101

This escape room themed workshop introduces campus resources, first-year information, and strategies for university-level success (ideal for freshman & transfer students).

Motivation, Success, and You

This workshop features stories of triumph and resilience (including that from Fresno State students and staff) and how they were able to use motivation to fuel the journey to success.

Note Taking and Textbook Navigation

For students that struggle with noting information, this workshop will help identify what is important enough to note, techniques for noting, and how to do so to improve the recall of in-class and textbook material.

Software Applications that Boost Student Success

This hands-on workshop features an introduction and live navigation of software applications that can enhance college success. Bring a tablet, laptop, iPad, and/or cell phone to participate in this experience!

Time Management (Online workshop also available - see details below)

Students will be introduced to methods for improved time management and will create a balanced schedule, explore the roots of procrastination, and helpful software applications.

Choosing a Major

Check out this workshop and the recommendations of campus resources, assessments, and other steps of major exploration that may help identify the ideal major and career path that aligns with an area of interest.

Scholarly Journals 

Students will learn how to identify credible sources of scholarly research from non-credible sources in this hands-on workshop.

Memory and Concentration

This workshop is catered to improving memory, information processing, as well as identifying one's peak time of focus leading to stronger recall and study efficiency.

Stress Management for Academic Success

Come participate in the live demonstration of various techniques that will allow you to take more control of your stress levels this semester.

Steps to Academic Success (Online workshop also available - see details below)

In this workshop, we address the intangibles to academic success such as classroom etiquette, interacting with professors, using campus resources, and methods to overcome procrastination.

Brainstorming Techniques

If you want to learn how to look at a topic or idea and brainstorm differently, then this is the workshop for you! Interactive exercises make this workshop a fun group learning experience.

E-Books in the Library

In this workshop, students will be introduced to the Henry Madden Library's selection of E-books and become familiar with how to search for content.

Finding, Citing, and Analyzing Images

In this interactive workshop, students will be engaged in learning how to locate, correctly cite, and analyze images to be used for assignments.

Exam Game Plan

This workshop will help students develop an effective approach to study and preparation for success on the various types of exams and tasks presented during midterms and finals.

Citing Sources

Students will learn how to correctly cite various sources for their research assignments in this fun and interactive workshop.

Back on Track

Students will become aware of academic policies, changes to the probation and disqualification process while also learning what it takes to be successful at Fresno State!


Online Academic Success Workshop Information

Step 1: Click Online Time Management Workshop and watch video

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Step 1: Click Online Steps to Academic Success Workshop and watch video

Step 2: Complete Log-in/Qualtrics survey here including full name and Fresno State student ID number to earn workshop attendance credit.


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