GradesFirst for Faculty

Faculty’s Role (non-advising)

Faculty can easily identify which students need additional help. Faculty can use GradesFirst to send an alert on a student who may need additional support and/or resources to be successful in the course or during the semester. A notification will automatically be sent both student and advisor(s), who can then assist students with additional support, tutoring, or referrals. By monitoring these students through GradesFirst, we are ensuring that students are supported by a network of caring professionals who are alerted if a student may need academic help.  

Since many faculty advise, you might have two roles on GradesFirst: Professor and Advisor. 

Referring Students to Support Services

Refer a student at any time… At any point, an instructor or advisor can refer students to SupportNet through GradesFirst.
***This is to refer a single student at a time.

GradesFirst Faculty Role1

The referral generates a “case” in GradesFirst that is then received by the SupportNet office. If the student belongs to a Student Success Program on campus (i.e. CAMP, SSS, EOP, International, etc.), the cases will be assigned to that advisor for follow up. If the student is not part of a Student Success Program, SupportNet will follow up with the student.

GradesFirst Faculty Role2

Case Management

If the case is assigned to you, you will receive an auto-generated email notifying you of the referral. A link will be provided within that email to view the case details.

The advisor can read the comments provided and follow up with the student accordingly.

GradesFirst Faculty Role3

To View and Manage Cases:
From the Side Navigation, click Cases. You can view current, unassigned, and closed cases.
To manage a case – click the Manage Case button on the appropriate student case.

GradesFirst Faculty Role4

Faculty Progress Report

1. The initial email will contain direct links for Progress Reports. You may also log onto GradesFirst to find the progress report.

GradesFirst Faculty Role5

2. Only students requiring progress reports will be listed. You are able to save and submit completed reports.

GradesFirst Faculty Role6

Recording Class Attendance

Step 1: Log into your GradesFirst account

Step 2: On the right side, click on “Record My Class Attendance” and change the term.

GradesFirst Faculty Role7

Step 3: First choose the course and the date. Once you record attendance press ‘Save Attendance’.

GradesFirst Faculty Role8


Q: Can my department/program have a one-on-one training on GradesFirst?

A: YES! Please contact Monica Solis set up a time for your training.


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