Known Issues & Work Arounds

If you have any technical difficulties, please check the list below to see if your issues can be resolved here.

 Area  Issue  Work Around Resolutions
Appointment Center GradesFirst is unable to check in inactive (not enrolled) students to the Appointment Center. At this time, we do not have a work around. You are still able to create an advising report for these students.  Resolved
Appointment Center Unable to see advisor(s) Availabilities in Appointment Center. Under Calendar Options on the top right hand side of the Appointment Center, you will find the Student Service dropdown menu with your center's advising reasons. Appointment Center will automatically default to All Services. If you change it to the Advising Reason you will be able to see available times and drop-ins.  Resolved
Front Desk/Coach Role Front Desk users not being able to search for students and check in students.  Please send an email to letting us know the issue. Include the front desk/coach role email associated with GradesFirst. We will correct the access.   Resolved


GradesFirst FAQ's

 Please refer to the questions below for resolving minor issues.

Why is my (or another advisor) location and/or availability not showing in my campaign?

Double check the advising reason in the campaign. This reason needs to be listed in each advisor's availability. The advisor(s) will also have to be available for campaigns. 

Why can't I log into GradesFirst?

It could be a couple of things. You might want to change browsers and/or clean out your history and cookies. If you changed your password sometimes the old password needs to be removed from the browser. 

You have the three options below for GradesFirst log in. 
  1. Click the GradesFirst Academics link from the My Fresno State portal OR
  2. Click the GradesFirst link on Blackboard OR
  3. Go to and use your Fresno State login/password.

For users not using their Fresno State SSO (Single Sign On).  Please use:   

I was logged into My Fresno State (or Blackboard) and clicked on GradesFirst Academics, normally this would bring directly in GradesFirst. Instead, a blue screen asking for my user name and password came up. I am now receiving an error message about incorrect credentials even though I know it is correct. 

Technology Services has a few recommendations.

  • If you are on a iPad, update your Apple device including the browser and all applications. Google Chrome seems to be working the best with the iPad.
  • Try another device and see if the issue continues. If it does not work, please let Monica Quintero. 
  • Contact your IT Liaison, you might have to do a hard refresh for your device.  Please check with your liaison before you do this. 



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