Job Opportunities

The Learning Center employs over 80 students each semester to be front desk staff, tutors, and Supplemental Instruction Leaders. We are dedicated to providing students with meaningful opportunities that will help them grow personally and professionally.


Current Job Openings | Summer, & Fall 2015

Fall 2015 & Summer 2015 Tutoring Positions

Subjects/Course(s) Hiring Status
Fall 2015 Accounting Tutor (4A, 4B) Accepting Applications
Fall 2015 CDDS Tutor (91, 92, 93, 94) Potential Upcoming Vacancy
Fall 2015 Chemistry Tutor (1A, 1B)  Accepting Applications 
Fall 2015 Decision Science Tutor (71, 73) Accepting Applications
Fall 2015 Economics Tutor (40, 50) Accepting Applications
Fall 2015 Math Tutor (Math 4R (Algebra) - Math 76 (Calculus II) Accepting Applications
Fall 2015 Physics Tutor (4A, 4B) Accepting Applications
Fall 2015 Writing Tutor ("W" course or any course with over 4,000 words of writing) Accepting Applications

Fall 2015 Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Positions

Subjects/Course(s) Hiring Status
Agricultural Business (AGBS) 100  Accepting Applications
Biology 10, 1B, and 64  Accepting Applications
Chemistry 8,1A,1B and 3A  Accepting Applications


Student Assistant Job Opportunities

Our front desk at the Learning Center is run entirely by people like you – students!  Learn professional office skills while working in an environment that promotes learning.



Tutor Job Opportunities

Tutors assist students with homework, projects, and exam reviews, at their pace, by finding conceptual learning opportunities. Tutors use questions, activities,and demos to involve students in owning the material. To apply for a tutoring position submit the Learning Center application: 


SI Leader Opportunities 

SI is an academic support program that utilizes peer assisted study group sessions. SI Leaders facilitate group study sessions for selected Fresno State courses. SI leader functions as a “model student” by going to all the classes and taking notes. They help students formulate and answer their own questions, by using collaborative and group study strategies. To apply for the SI leader position, complete and submit the Learning Center application:

Summer Bridge tutoring application (click the image)

Summer Bridge Tutoring Application



Learning Center application (click the image)

Employment Application




Typical semester as a tutor (click the image)

Peer Tutor Expectations




Typical semester as an SI Leader(click the image)

SI Leader Expectations


The information on this website is available in alternate formats. Please call our office at (559) 278-3052 to make your request.

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