Housing Costs


Residence Halls - University Courtyard,
(559) 278-2345

If you want to live in one of the residence halls, it's a good idea to apply early. Students should apply by April 1st for their best opportunity to receive on-campus housing. A majority of the rooms are double occupancy. There are limited single and triple occupancy rooms. Residents are expected to live in the halls for the full academic year and are required to sign a license agreement to that effect. For further information call the Residence Dining Hall at (559) 278-3904 or you can visit their website here.


 Off-campus housing is readily available. When deciding where to live, you might want to consider such factors as location, furniture, cooking, cost, condition of housing, privacy, legal obligations, educational opportunities, etc. Off-campus accommodations are frequently a preference for many students. Information and assistance with off-campus housing can be found in the Student Life Office in the University Student Union.

Here is an estimate of off-campus housing costs (per month):

  1. Average one bedroom, furnished from $350 to $589
  2. Two bedrooms, furnished, anywhere from $330 to $669

Students can further reduce cost by sharing accommodations.

Common types of off-campus housing include: rooms, apartments, houses or living with an American host family. You may have a vacancy in your apartment or you might want to find a roommate to share expenses. Places to find off-campus listings include:


To connect the electricity and gas in your residence, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. For your phone service and billing information, contact SBC (formerly Pacific Bell) at 1-800-310-2355.

PRIVATE HOMES - Renting a room

You might want to consider the following questions when making a decision:

  • Are there specific hours for your cooking?

  • Do you have any special diet needs or restrictions that they should know about?

  • Will the cost of food and bills be included in the rent you pay?

  • Are there specific times when you cannot use the phone?

  • Will you be able to use the phone for long distance calls?

  • What is the length of time you can be on the phone?

  • What are the rules on smoking and drinking?

  • What will your responsibilities be?

  • Is there a limit to the number of friends that can visit at one time?

  • How will the rent be paid and for how long? (Weekly or monthly?)

  • If you are unexpectedly gone overnight, will they want you to call to let them know?

  • Are overnight and/or weekend guests permitted?

  • Is there anything about your religion that the family should know?

  • Does the family expect you to attend their place of worship or learn about their religion?

  • Would it be possible to live there for a short time to make sure that it is a "good match"?