ADD/ADHD Evaluation & Treatment

(Attention-Deficit Disorder with or without hyperactivity)

DEFINITION: Attention-deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) is a neurological disorder causing difficulties with sustained focus and concentration. The absence of proper treatment and intervention designed to help a person learn how to manage this disorder can result in chronic frustration, discouragement, and academic underachievement.

PURPOSE: The Student Health and Counseling Center of California State University, Fresno responds with a team of professionals whose goal is to help students diagnosed with ADD/ADHD avoids pitfalls that could impede successful academic progression.

Fresno State students may receive care with a valid diagnosis of ADD/ADHD from a licensed mental health professional.

Only a trained health care professional can accurately diagnose ADD/ADHD.  Fresno state does not provide diagnostic services for this condition.

There are however off-campus resources available in the community capable of providing you with and evaluation for ADD/ADHD.  (please see a list of community mental health professionals below).

Please note that many of the symptoms associated with ADHD are sometimes also present in other conditions such as anxiety or depression.  If you are in need of services for these non-ADD/ADHD conditions, you can directly contact our Psychological Services Department for care without need for off-campus assessment.  Please call for further information at 559-278-6738, or visit us during our walk-in hours (9-11AM and 2-4PM).


Treatment Parameters:

Medication therapy is only one component of effective treatment of ADD/ADHD. Students will be referred to other resources on campus to obtain additional assistance and treatment as indicated. The importance of follow through with non-medication treatment will be emphasized to students. Other components of treatment or accommodation of ADD/ADHD may include:

1. Psychological Services – adjustment issues/coping skills, possibility of co-existing conditions (e.g., depression), anxiety/stress reduction, behavior modification, or personal success strategies

2. Services for Students with Disabilities – academic accommodations

3. Learning Center – study skills, time management, etc.

PROTOCOL: Students requesting treatment for ADD/ADHD can only schedule for an appointment with one of our providers once proof of diagnosis for ADD/ADHD is provided as follows. No exceptions will be granted.

1. A diagnosis of ADD/ADHD from a licensed mental health professional may serve as proof of diagnosis for ADD/ADHD. Please fax it to our secure fax # 559.278.7602 along with your contact information. Our staff will review your record submission for completion prior to your visit and will contact you to schedule an appointment or ask for additional information. Please use the attached release form to meet our desired criteria. If you feel that all of your information has been received by the SHC and you have not received a call, please call 559.278.2734 to clarify the situation.

2. All patients being treated with Class II stimulant medications must sign the Student Health and Counseling Center's "Psychostimulant Medication Contract." Students will be given a printed copy of the contract.

3. The Student Health and Counseling Center Pharmacy fills prescriptions and laboratory requests from off campus providers.

The Director has the primary responsibility and authority for implementing this policy which may be designated to the Medical Chief of Staff.

Community Health Care and Providers List

Last Updated:  04-09-13