Counseling Services

Counseling Staff

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a safe place for you to express your thoughts, feelings and concerns. Getting started is a simple process: 

  1. Call 559.278.2734 to schedule an appointment.
  2. Arrive 20 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment to complete a brief questionnaire. 
  3. Meet with a member of our staff to help you create a treatment plan that best matches your needs. 
  4. Put your plan into action!

Our Services Include: 

Individual Counseling

Counseling Offers:

  • A safe place to understand your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and concerns.
  • An opportunity to talk confidentially about what is important to you. 
  • A way to increase self-understanding.
  • A chance to get constructive feedback and develop new ways of coping with challenges. 

Enhance Your Counseling Experience: 

If you feel uneasy about talking with a counselor, let your counselor know. This can help build ease and honesty between you and your counselor. Here are some tips for making the most of your experience:

  • Attend all of your appointments or let your counselor know if you have to miss one.
  • Between appointments, be mindful of the issues you are working on. 
  • Write down feelings, thoughts, and insights about your issues and share them with your counselor. 
  • Complete homework assignments, if given.
  • Be open to new ways of thinking and approaching challenges. 
  • Give your counselor feedback. 

Relationship Counseling for Two

We offer counseling for two to address your relationship concerns in a confidential and safe setting. Whether you are looking for counseling for you and your roommate, friend, partner, spouse or significant other, we can help. 

Groups and Classes

Groups and classes are available to have the support of others who share similar concerns and to gain information needed for effective self-care. A wide variety of groups and classes are available each semester. 

To learn more about groups and classes, click here.


We have a part-time psychiatrist on staff to meet your needs. Our staff psychiatrist and medical providers will work together to help manage medication. 

  • For students already enrolled in counseling, speak with your counselor about your interest.
  • For students not yet enrolled in counseling, call to set up an appointment for an initial consultation. Our medical staff can also discuss medication with you.