Catered Cupboard for Students

The Mobile@FresnoState includes a section called Catered Cupboard. At the conclusion of campus catered event, if there is food leftover, the department hosting will invite students to join through a push notification on their phone.


1. Download the Mobile@FresnoState app.

2. Click on "Catered Cupboard."

3. Enter your Fresno State username and password (this will authenticate you as a Fresno State student). Make sure you have push notifications turned on for the app!

4. You will receive a push notification to your phone whenever there is an event on campus where food is available. The notification will invite you to check the app for the location and time of the distribution.

5. Go to the location where the food is available, and join us as our "after event guest." For food safety reasons, food must be enjoyed in the location in which it is being served, and is not able to be taken from the room.

Catered Cupboard app