Catered Cupboard for Departments

If you have leftover food at the conclusion of your catered event, please consider sharing it with our students. The process is simple:

  1. Call 278-FOOD (3663) and let them know where your event is and when students can begin coming in. Catered Cupboard is available for a total of 20 minutes at the conclusion of your event. A push notification will be sent to students via the Mobile@FresnoState app letting them know when and where they can find your event. (If catering arrives to pick up the food, let them know that you've called Catered Cupboard and they will either wait or return in 20 minutes.) 
  2. Stay at the location and welcome students into the room. For food safety reasons, food must be enjoyed in the space in which it is being served. Take this opportunity to engage with students and make them feel comfortable in the space.
  3. At the end of the 20 minutes, catering will pick up the leftover food and you've been able to help feed hungry students!

If you have questions, please contact Jessica Medina at 559.278.0866 or

Catered Cupboard