Appeals Process

SAP Appeals

Student disqualified for failing to meet any of the four SAP components will be notified in writing (by campus email) of their disqualification. Exceptions to the SAP policy may be requested on a case-by-case basis when a student feels there are mitigating circumstances beyond their control which warrant special consideration. A student cannot use the same reason for multiple appeals.

At least one of the following conditions must be documented in order to file an appeal: Appeals will NOT be accepted for the following conditions:
Your own serious illness or injury that led to a complete/partial medical withdrawal from the University or extensive hospitalization, chemotherapy or other ongoing treatment Encountering a situation that could have been anticipated (i.e. need for transportation, need to pay living expenses, need for child care)
Death of a parent/guardian, spouse, sibling or child during the academic year Change of major or addition of a major or minor, unless required by the major department
The serious illness or injury of a parent/guardian, spouse or child that required you to be primary caregiver Dissatisfaction with course material, instructor, instructional method, class intensity
You have an approved medical withdrawal Lack of motivation, poor time management, change in academic interests, or academic overload
 You experienced extreme change in financial or legal circumstances Increased work hours or difficult work schedule
You took part in compulsive military duty Participation in extracurricular activities (i.e. clubs, sororities, fraternities, sports, band)

 A student is required to submit, as part of the appeal procedure, an explanation of why the student failed to make SAP, and what has changed in the student's situation that would allow the student to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation, as well as supporting documentation.

If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed on probation and/or will need to follow a set academic plan.

Requirements To Submit An Appeal Request

SAP appeals must include ALL of the following:

  1. A Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (Form #82)
  2. A TYPED one page statement, thoroughly answering each of the following questions:
  3. Written documentation or evidence that supports the reason(s) given in your statement. This might include a letter from your doctor, court documents, death certificates, or copies of University documents such as approved requests for incompletes or withdrawals accompanied by posted grade changes on transcripts, etc. Financial hardships must be document by bank statement, layoff notices, foreclosure notices, court documents, or other relevant legal documents. Please attach copies. Original documents will not be returned.
  4. Additional Items Required For Exceeding Maximum Unit Limitations And/Or 2nd SAP Appeals: You must also attach a copy of an academic/graduation plan (or graduation evaluation form), signed by your academic advisor on department letterhead.

Appeal Outcomes

  • SAP appeal processing may take up to three weeks from the date of receipt of completed appeal requests. During heavy processing times, appeal processing may take up to six weeks. 
  • If you SAP appeal is approved, you will be awarded financial aid. Financial aid awards will depend on availability of funding.
  • If your SAP appeal is approved AFTER the end of the semester/term, financial aid will be awarded for future semester/term(s) only.
  • If you do not appeal by the listed SAP appeal deadline(s) AND you were already awarded financial aid, all of your awards will be canceled.
  • If you SAP appeal is approved AFTER your financial aid awards were canceled, reinstatement of your awards will depend on the availability of funding.
  • Reinstatement of canceled financial aid awards will be processed by the Financial Aid Office in date and/or priority order.
  • If you have a pending SAP appeal, you are responsible for paying your fees due to the University. Enrollment is not protected by financial aid until your SAP appeal has been reviewed, processed and approved by the Financial Aid Office.
  • If you SAP appeal is denied, you are not eligible to receive financial aid funding.

Please be advised that the disclosure of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic or dating violence, stalking or abuse of a minor will be referred to the appropriate campus of legal authorities. Your statement will remain private to the extent possible but subject to disclosure by the Financial Aid Office as required by applicable executive orders and federal and state laws.

If you have been a victim of discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic or dating violence or stalking, please find more information about your rights and options at /studentaffairs/victimadvocate/