How to Apply For Financial Aid

Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning October 1st for the upcoming school year. Watch a video about filing your FAFSA.

  • ONLINE: We recommend applying online at  You, and your parent, can create a Federal Student Aid ID (formerly Federal Student Aid PIN ) by accessing the FSA ID page. The FSA ID acts like the PIN in helping you access certain Department of Education websites. For more information on the change please access Federal Student Aid's site on the subject. 
  • PAPER: If you opt to file a paper application, take your application to the post office and ask for “proof of mailing” (approx. cost: 90¢).  Do not send the application by registered or certified mail as this may cause a delay on delivery and/or processing.
  • CAL GRANT : Check with your current school to submit a Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. A FAFSA and GPA Verification must be submitted to Fresno State by March 2nd.
  • Establish an email address with Fresno State.  This address will be used by the Financial Aid Office to email correspondence to you.
  • You should also update your mailing address as needed.  You can verify or change your mailing address after logging into the Fresno State portal at

Completing your FAFSA

  • Complete the FAFSA as accurately as possible.
  • Submit all signatures (including parent if required). Signatures are required to verify information entered on your FAFSA. Any delay in submitting signatures could result in a processing delay of your FAFSA.
  • List Fresno State (Title IV Code # 001147) as a school you plan to attend. Answer all questions about your housing plans (Question number 86-97).

Be sure to keep copies of your application and all documents submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

After Completing Your FAFSA

After you apply, you may check your status on line at  If you have additional questions, you may visit the Financial Aid Office in the Joyal Administration Building, Room 296 or call (559) 278-2182.

Document Request Letter
When Financial Aid receives your FAFSA information we forward a Document Request Letter (DRL) to your Fresno State email account. If you do not have a Fresno State email account a paper version will be sent via US Mail. The DRL advises you what additional information is required and provides links to the forms.

Note: The above content or form may not be viewable on a mobile device

Award Letter
Upon receipt of the required information award eligibility is determined by Financial Aid Office and an e-mail Award Notification letter is sent to your Fresno State email account. Read the Award Notification and follow all instructions to ensure timely receipt of your aid.

I received an Award Letter from Fresno State but now plan to enroll at another college. Can I use this award at my new college choice?

No. Financial aid funds cannot be transferred from one college to another. If you change your college choice, contact your new college choice and follow their instructions to apply for aid. Then notify our office of your intention not to attend Fresno State. This allows our office to relinquish funds set aside for you so you can apply for aid at another institution.