Financial Aid/ Scholarships

California State Aid - Grants and Loans

Dream (AB540) students are eligible for California State Aid through the Dream Application!  For more information about financial aid grants (free money) and how to apply, please visit:

Fresno State Financial Aid - Dream Act Information

For information on loans for Dream students please visit:

Fresno State Financial Aid - Dream Loan Information

Understanding the CA Dream Act - Financial Aid for Dreamers

Below are some guides (written by Educators 4 Fair Consideration) that can help you understand more about your options to finance your education.  They explain the California Dream Act laws so that you can take control of your education.

A guide to financial aid eligibility for California undocumented students

The California Dream Act: A Financial Aid Guide for Undocumented Students

Undocumented College Student Guide to Eligibility

Still confused?  That's ok! please come in to the Dream Success Center...we can help.  Call us at 559.278.1554 to schedule an appointment.

Scholarships - Apply Now!

Fresno State Dream students can submit a scholarship application through Fresno State to be eligible for scholarships.  Application period is from October 1 - March 1 every academic year.  Please visit:

Fresno State Scholarship Office to apply for Scholarships.

Immigrants Rising - Scholarship Lists

Here are both Immigrants Rising Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship lists of over 300 scholarships targeting undocumented students! Please check the lists and apply.

Undergraduate Scholarship List - Various Due Dates Starting in January 2019.

Graduate Scholarship List - Various Due Dates Starting in January 2019.

Other Scholarship Resources

Below please find a listing of other scholarships that are available for Dream students.  We encourage students to proactively search and apply to as many scholarships as possible to fund your education.
Dreamers Road Map
My (Un)Documented Life
Education Leadership Foundation
Fastweb scholarships
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Latino College Dollars
MALDEF Scholarship Fund
Salvadoran American Leadership and Educational Fund

Need assistance understanding the process of financial aid?

The Dream Success Center can help!  If you need:

  • help with filling out the Dream Application for financial aid
  • understanding the financial aid awarding process
  • help with verification forms from Fresno State's Financial Aid office
  • budgeting
  • filling out scholarship applications
  • reviewing personal statements for scholarships, etc.

Please call 559.278.1554 to schedule an appointment with Gaby Encinas.  We are here to help.