UndocuAlly Resources

The Dream Success Center will be hosting every semester a TWO-PART training for faculty, staff, administrators and peers.

  • Increase your knowledge and effectiveness to serve undocumented students.
  • Awareness of the needs, concerns, challenges, and opportunities of undocumented students.
  • Create a welcoming and supportive environment to facilitate undocumented student integration and academic success.

For student assistants and community members interested in participating in Dream Success Center's Undocu-Ally trainings, please email Gaby Encinas at gencinas@csufresno.edu.


Part 1 Learning Modules

Most Undocumented Students

  • Have lived in the United States most of their lives.
  • Have learned English.
  • Have attended elementary, middle, and high school in the United States.
  • Have completed high school and want to pursue a college education.
  • Currently, lack a way to become legal residents or citizens of the U.S.

Educational resources:

  •  UndocuScholars

In the Shadows of the Ivory Tower: Undocumented Undergraduates and the Liminal State of Immigration Report

Book Recommendations:

Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by Jose Antonio Vargas

Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America by Roberto G. Gonzalez


U.S. Immigration System

 Who is an Unauthorized Immigrant?

  • Unauthorized immigrant- foreign-born non-citizens residing in the country who are not legal immigrants. Can also be referred as Undocumented Immigrant.
  • Entered the country:
    • Without valid documents, or
    • Arrived with valid visas but stayed past their visa expiration date

Source: Pew Hispanic Center

Educational Resources:

Pew Hispanic Center

ASPIRE-Pan-Asian Undocumented Lead Group

UndocuBlack Network

AB60 Drivers Licenses & Travel

 CA passed AB 60- drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants

 Know Your Rights- AB60

Conoce tus derechos-AB60


Guide for Undocumented Individuals Traveling in California

DACA and Employment

What is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?

Executive Order signed on June 15, 2012.

It is relief from deportation and provides a work permit for a 2-year period that can be renewed.

It is NOT a legalization program, a path to citizenship, or a permanent residency (green card).

Work permits remain valid until expiration date-no need to update with employer unless they ask. Your employer cannot ask you about DACA or your immigration status.

DACA and Higher Education

Educational Resources:

Immigration Legal Resource Center

CSU Office of the Chancellor

United We Dream


Why Allies Matter

Undocumented Americans


Supporting Undocumented Students


Tips for Allies

  • For those who have DACA, must continue to renew (within 6 months of expiration)

Part 2 Learning Modules

Life as an Undocumented Child

What is it like to grow up as an undocumented youth in America? 

CA Laws Impacting College Attainment

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption

AB 540/ AB 2000/ SB 68 Eligibility

K-12 attendance in CA for 3 or more years.

Graduation from a CA High School or GED

Registration as an entering student at an accredited institution of higher education in CA.

File an affitdavit with the institution

Expansion of AB 540/AB 2000 through SB 68

CA Dream Act

AB 130-Authorizes AB 540/AB 2000 students to apply for UC, CSU, CCC administered scholarships

AB 131-Authorizes AB 540/AB 2000 students to apply for state aid (CA Promise Grant (formally known as BOG) & Cal Grants)

SB 1210- CA Dream Loan Program for AB 540 students in CA public universities

More information visit:

In-State Tuition Overview- Immigrants Rising

Financial Aid--Barriers/Challenges and Opportunities

Students need to fill out the proper financial aid application on time -CA Dream Act application. Never fill out FAFSA!

Fill out application correctly the first time.

Verification process for Financial Aid -Selective Service for males and GPA verification

Management of different sites: CA Dream Act, Web Grant Page (CA Student Aid Commission), and My Fresno State Student Portal

Transfer students may: Not know the financial aid process, miss application deadline, have already exhausted their funding by the time they transfer to a 4-year institution.

Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) both institutional and CA Student Aid Commission criteria.

Helpful Tips as you Advice Students

  • Developing a graduation plan "My Degree Plan" is key
  • If a student discloses, always ask: 1) How much financial aid eligibility do you have left? 2) Refer to the Dream Success Center
  • In advising notes on Bulldog Connect-do not disclose student's immigration status

Life After Undergrad: Career and Graduate School

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights When Asked About Immigration Status

Know Your Rights-Immigrant Rights

We Have Rights: What to Do When Interacting with ICE

Red Cards

Red Card Information (Immigrant Legal Resource Center) available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hmong, Korean, and Spanish

Family Preparedness Plan

Family Preparedness Plan

Plan de preparación familiar

Download Notifica app

Notifica helps immigrants prepare for possible interaction with deportation agents, build their own Defense Network by adding family members, lawyers and local community groups, and send secure alerts just by pressing a button before the interaction. Text NOTIFICA to 877877 to download the app.

Immigrant Rights

FAQ for Students, Educators & Social Service Providers (MALDEF)

Ally Resources

Ways to Support Undocumented Students

  • Engage with an open mind
  • Create a Safe Space-A place of trust 
  • Be mindful of language; say "undocumented" rather than "illegal" and avoid terms like "alien" or "illegal immigration"
  • Do all you can to identify YOURSELF as an ally/supporter
  • Share and connect student to resources

Contact Congress

Help support undocumented immigrants

Community Resources

List of local non-profit immigration service providers

Agencias sin fines de lucro que proveen servicios de migración y otros beneficios públicos

Beyond Deferred Action- Long Term Immigration Remedies

Immigration Legal Intake Service

Learn about all the legal options available for your situation.

California In-State Tuition Tool

Find out if you qualify for in-state tuition in California.

Beyond DACA Guide

Learn about options for gaining longer-term status and categories that might work for you now, or in the future. This guide is not intended as legal advice, but as an informational resource for options that could be explored further with competent, accredited legal service providers.

Higher Education Resources for Students and Educators

Campus Resources for Undocumented Students (California) Use the interactive map below to find information about campus centers for undocumented students, support programs, website addresses with relevant information, and contact information of undocumented allies/liaisons. This information is critical to improve access and success for undocumented students in higher education. 



UndocuAllies by Department

Department Position Name Email
Accounting Services Staff Evangelina Owens eowens@csufresno.edu
Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Ricardo Andrade randrade@csufresno.edu

Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Maribel Olea molea@csufresno.edu
Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Pang Thao pangt@csufresno.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, College of Health and Human Services Staff Johana Arellano Guzman johana4520@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, College of Health and Human Services Staff Chris Beck chrisbeck56@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, Jordan College Graduate Assistant Jessica Jocelyn Loera loera30@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, Jordan College Graduate Assistant Ivette Ruiz iruiz2010@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Support Center, College of Arts and Humanities Staff Nadia Dwidar nmargison@csufresno.edu
Advising & Support Center, College of Arts and Humanities Staff Krista Hall kristah@csufresno.edu
Advising & Support Center, College of Arts and Humanities Staff Felicia Salcido fsalcido@csufresno.edu
Advising & Resources Center, College of Science and Mathematics Staff Stephanie Covacevich scovacevich@csufresno.edu
Advising & Resources Center, College of Science and Mathematics Staff Maipahoua Xiong mphxiong@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, College of Social Sciences Staff, Administrative Assistant  Alexandra Beatrice Zenther alexandra.spencer@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, College of Social Sciences Staff Joseph Escoto jescoto@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, College of Social Sciences Staff Sonya Pena sonyap@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, Craig School of Business Staff Robin Harper rharper@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, Craig School of Business Staff Liliana M. Oceguera loceguera@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, Craig School of Business Staff Danielle Quiroga dquiroga@csufresno.edu
Anthropology Department Faculty Dvera Saxton dsaxton@csufresno.edu
Articulation (University Registrar) Staff Erica Lassen elassen@csufresno.edu
CalState TEACH Staff Maria Rodriguez Saavedra mariaro@csufresno.edu
Career Development Center Staff Nora Diaz norad@csufresno.edu
Chicano and Latin American Studies Department Faculty, Chair Cristina Herrera cherrera@csufresno.edu
Child and Family Science Faculty Jessica McKenzie jmckenzie@csufresno.edu
College of Science and Mathematics Staff, Administrative Support Coordinator  Cecy Beltran cbeltran@csufresno.edu
College of Social Sciences Faculty, Associate Dean Bernadette Muscat bmuscat@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty  Elise Barba ebarba@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Faculty Diane Blair dblair@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Faculty Sergio Juarez sergiojuarez@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty Judith Scott jscott@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty Christina Michelle Wells chwells@csufresno.edu
Communication Department/Continuing and Global Education Faculty, Staff Tom Boroujeni tboroujeni@csufresno.edu
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Department Staff, Administrative Assistant April Cardiel acardiel@csufresno.edu
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Department Faculty Dominiqua Griffin dmg31@csufresno.edu
Criminology Department Staff Angelica Miramontes anmiramontes@csufresno.edu
Cross Cultural and Gender Center Staff Deyanire Del Toro ddeltoro@csufresno.edu
Cross Cultural and Gender Center Staff, Coordinator Shimel Her Saychou ssaychou@csufresno.edu
Curriculum and Instruction (CI) Staff Brenna Barks bbarks@csufresno.edu
Dean of Students Office Staff, Director Tanis Matlock tmatlock@csufresno.edu
Division of Research and Graduate Studies Staff Sandra Brooke sbrooke@csufresno.edu
Division of Research and Graduate Studies Staff Rodrigo Gomez rodrigog@csufresno.edu
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Staff Judy Clements pclements@csufresno.edu
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Staff Angelica Robles-Trinh aroblestrinh@csufresno.edu
English Department Staff Lisa Galvez lgalvez@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty, Chair Kathleen Godfrey kgodfrey@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty Ruth Y. Jenkins ruthj@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty Brynn Noelle Saito bsaito@csufresno.edu
English Writing Center Staff Adrian Carli adriancarli@mail.fresnostate.edu
Fresno Family Counseling Center Faculty, Associate Director Maira Hernandez mairamh@mail.fresnostate.edu
Geography and City and Regional Planning Staff Chelsea Beeson chelseab92@csufresno.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Faculty Adan Avalos adan@csufresno.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Part-Time Faculty Marietta Dalpez madalpez@csufresno.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Part-Time Faculty Kelley McCoy kmccoy@csufresno.edu
Mechanical Engineering Department Staff Nimat Davis nidavis@csufresno.edu
Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures Staff Vanessa Navarro vnavarro@mail.fresnostate.edu
Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures Department Part-Time Faculty Isolina Sands isands@csufresno.edu
Money Management Center Staff Charah Coleman ccoleman@csufresno.edu
Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) Staff Azucena Gutierrez azucenarodriguez@csufresno.edu
Outreach and Special Programs Staff Angie Iribe angiemiribe@csufresno.edu
Philosophy Department Faculty Aldea R. Mulhern aldea@csufresno.edu
Psychology Department Staff Selina Pichardo spichardo@csufresno.edu
Psychology Department Faculty Rosa Toro rtoro@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Veronica Aguilar vaguilar@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Carlos Manuel Diaz cadiaz@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Belen Marquez belenvera@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Anna Morales moralesannag@mail.fresnostate.edu
Social Work Education Department Staff Claudia Ceja cceja@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Ruth Avila ravila@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Graduate Assistant Devin Blagg sblagg@mail.fresnostate.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Zenaida Cruz zcruz@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Diana Karageozian dkarageozian@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Mindy Kates mkates@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff, Coordinator Kathleen A. Yarmo kyarmo@csufresno.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Graduate Assistant Gilbert Falcon gfalcon@mail.fresnostate.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Staff Sophie Karas skaras@csufresno.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Staff, Administrative Coordinator Elisa Michelle Ramos elisaramos@csufresno.edu
Theater Arts Department Faculty  Andrew J Waldron awaldron@csufresno.edu
TRiO Central California Educational Opportunity Center Staff Art Mota amota@csufresno.edu
TRiO Student Support Services Program (SSSP) Staff, Director Eluterio Escamilla eescamilla@csufresno.edu
TRiO Student Support Services- Disabilities Staff, Director Luis Flores luflores@mail.fresnostate.edu
TRiO Student Support Services- Disabilities Staff Alondra Martinez martinez_alo@csufresno.edu
TRiO Student Support Services-Disabilities Staff Connie Vang connievang03@mail.fresnostate.edu
Undergraduate Degree Evaluations (University Registrar) Staff Mai T. Chang mtchang@csufresno.edu
Undergraduate Degree Evaluations (University Registrar) Staff, Coordinator Estella Gonzalez esgonzalez@csufresno.edu
Undergraduate Degree Evaluations (University Registrar) Staff Leticia Herrera lherrera03@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Kathryn Ann Dunbar kdunbar@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Ashley Fagundes afagundes@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Kathleen Mary Molina kmmolina@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Monica Olmedo molmedo@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Perla Sarahi Perez-Maciel pperezmaciel@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff David Yang dyang@csufresno.edu
University Registrar Staff Lety Saavedra leticias@csufresno.edu
Veterans Services/University Registrar Staff, Director, Registrar Laura Yager lyager@csufresno.edu
Women's Studies Program Staff Jeremy Alvarez jealvarez@csufresno.edu