UndocuAlly Resources

The Dream Success Center will be hosting every semester a TWO-PART training for faculty, staff, administrators and peers.

  • Increase your knowledge and effectiveness to serve undocumented students.
  • Awareness of the needs, concerns, challenges, and opportunities of undocumented students.
  • Create a welcoming and supportive environment to facilitate undocumented student integration and academic success.

To be certified as an Undocu-Ally please attend both Part 1 and Part 2 trainings.

UndocuAlly Training (Part 1) - July 8, 2019 (Mon)
8 - 11:30 a.m.
HML 3212

UndocuAlly Training (Part 2) - July 23, 2019 (Tues)
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.
HML 3212

To register visit CSU Learn on PeopleSoft or contact Gaby Encinas at gencinas@csufresno.edu (559.278.1554)

Coming soon...

Part 1 Learning Modules

Most Undocumented Students

  • Have lived in the United States most of their lives.
  • Have learned English.
  • Have attended elementary, middle, and high school in the United States.
  • Have completed high school and want to pursue a college education.
  • Currently, lack a way to become legal residents or citizens of the U.S.

Educational resources:

  •  UndocuScholars

In the Shadows of the Ivory Tower: Undocumented Undergraduates and the Liminal State of Immigration Report

Book Recommendations:

Dear America, Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by Jose Antonio Vargas

Lives in Limbo: Undocumented and Coming of Age in America by Roberto G. Gonzalez


U.S. Immigration System

 Who is an Unauthorized Immigrant?

  • Unauthorized immigrant- foreign-born non-citizens residing in the country who are not legal immigrants. Can also be referred as Undocumented Immigrant.
  • Entered the country:
    • Without valid documents, or
    • Arrived with valid visas but stayed past their visa expiration date

Source: Pew Hispanic Center

Educational Resources:

Pew Hispanic Center

ASPIRE-Pan-Asian Undocumented Lead Group

UndocuBlack Network


AB60 Drivers Licenses

 CA passed AB 60- drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants

DACA and Employment

What is Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)?

Executive Order signed on June 15, 2012.

It is relief from deportation and provides a work permit for a 2-year period that can be renewed.

It is NOT a legalization program, a path to citizenship, or a permanent residency (green card).

Work permits remain valid until expiration date-no need to update with employer unless they ask. Your employer cannot ask you about DACA or your immigration status.

Educational Resources:

Immigration Legal Resource Center

CSU Office of the Chancellor

United We Dream


Why Allies Matter

Undocumented Americans

Supporting Undocumented Students

Tips for Allies

  • For those who have DACA, must continue to renew (within 6 months of expiration)

Part 2 Learning Modules

Life as an Undocumented Child

What is it like to grow up as an undocumented youth in America? 

Short Film: I Was Born in Mexico But...(2013)

CA Laws Impacting College Attainment

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption

AB 540/ AB 2000/ SB 68 Eligibility

K-12 attendance in CA for 3 or more years.

Graduation from a CA High School or GED

Registration as an entering student at an accredited institution of higher education in CA.

File an affitdavit with the institution

Expansion of AB 540/AB 2000 through SB 68

CA Dream Act

AB 130-Authorizes AB 540/AB 2000 students to apply for UC, CSU, CCC administered scholarships

AB 131-Authorizes AB 540/AB 2000 students to apply for state aid (CA Promise Grant (formally known as BOG) & Cal Grants)

SB 1210- CA Dream Loan Program for AB 540 students in CA public universities

More information visit:

In-State Tuition Overview- Immigrants Rising

Financial Aid--Barriers/Challenges and Opportunities

Students need to fill out the proper financial aid application on time -CA Dream Act application. Never fill out FAFSA!

Fill out application correctly the first time.

Verification process for Financial Aid -Selective Service for males and GPA verification

Management of different sites: CA Dream Act, Web Grant Page (CA Student Aid Commission), and My Fresno State Student Portal

Transfer students may: Not know the financial aid process, miss application deadline, have already exhausted their funding by the time they transfer to a 4-year institution.

Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) both institutional and CA Student Aid Commission criteria.


Helpful Tips as you Advice Students

  • Developing a graduation plan "My Degree Plan" is key
  • If a student discloses, always ask: 1) How much financial aid eligibility do you have left? 2) Refer to the Dream Success Center
  • In advising notes on Bulldog Connect-do not disclose student's immigration status

Life After Undergrad: Career and Graduate School

Know Your Rights

ACLU We Have Rights: When ICE is Outside Our Doors (English)

ACLU We Have Rights: In Our Communities, In Our Streets (English)

ACLU We Have Rights If ICE Arrests Us (English)

Know Your Rights When Asked About Immigration Status

Know Your Rights-Immigrant Rights

We Have Rights: What to Do When Interacting with ICE

Ally Tips

 Undocumented Americans: Inside the Immigration Debate

Ways to Support Undocumented Students

  • Engage with an open mind
  • Create a Safe Space-A place of trust 
  • Be mindful of language; say "undocumented" rather than "illegal" and avoid terms like "alien" or "illegal immigration"
  • Do all you can to identify YOURSELF as an ally/supporter


UndocuAllies by Department

Department Position Name Email
Accounting Services Staff Evangelina Owens eowens@csufresno.edu
Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Ricardo Andrade randrade@csufresno.edu

Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Maribel Olea molea@csufresno.edu
Admissions (Admissions & Recruitment) Staff Pang Thao pangt@csufresno.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, College of Health and Human Services Staff, Coordinator Estella Gonzalez esgonzalez@csufresno.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, Jordan College Graduate Assistant Jessica Jocelyn Loera loera30@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Career Development Center, Jordan College Graduate Assistant Ivette Ruiz iruiz2010@mail.fresnostate.edu
Advising & Support Center, College of Arts and Humanities Staff Nadia Dwidar nmargison@csufresno.edu
Advising & Support Center, College of Arts and Humanities Staff Felicia Salcido fsalcido@csufresno.edu
Advising & Resources Center, College of Science and Mathematics Staff Stephanie Covacevich scovacevich@csufresno.edu
Advising & Resources Center, College of Science and Mathematics Staff Maipahoua Xiong mphxiong@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, College of Social Sciences Staff, Administrative Assistant  Alexandra Beatrice Zenther alexandra.spencer@csufresno.edu
Advising Center, Craig School of Business Staff Liliana M. Oceguera loceguera@csufresno.edu
Anthropology Department Faculty Dvera Saxton dsaxton@csufresno.edu
Career Development Center Staff Nora Diaz norad@csufresno.edu
Chicano and Latin American Studies Department Faculty, Chair Cristina Herrera cherrera@csufresno.edu
Child and Family Science Faculty Jessica McKenzie jmckenzie@csufresno.edu
College of Science and Mathematics Staff, Administrative Support Coordinator  Cecy Beltran cbeltran@csufresno.edu
College of Social Sciences Faculty, Associate Dean Bernadette Muscat bmuscat@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty  Elise Barba ebarba@csufresno.edu
Communication Department/Continuing and Global Education Faculty, Staff Tom Boroujeni tboroujeni@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty Judith Scott jscott@csufresno.edu
Communication Department Part-Time Faculty Christina Michelle Wells chwells@csufresno.edu
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Department Staff, Administrative Assistant April Cardiel acardiel@csufresno.edu
Counselor Education and Rehabilitation (CER) Department Faculty Dominiqua Griffin dmg31@csufresno.edu
Curriculum and Instruction (CI) Staff Brenna Barks bbarks@csufresno.edu
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Staff Judy Clements pclements@csufresno.edu
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Staff Angelica Robles-Trinh aroblestrinh@csufresno.edu
English Department Staff Lisa Galvez lgalvez@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty, Chair Kathleen Godfrey kgodfrey@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty Ruth Y. Jenkins ruthj@csufresno.edu
English Department Faculty Brynn Noelle Saito bsaito@csufresno.edu
English Writing Center Staff Adrian Carli adriancarli@mail.fresnostate.edu
Fresno Family Counseling Center Faculty, Associate Director Maira Hernandez mairamh@mail.fresnostate.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Faculty Adan Avalos adan@csufresno.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Part-Time Faculty Marietta Dalpez madalpez@csufresno.edu
Media, Communications & Journalism Part-Time Faculty Kelley McCoy kmccoy@csufresno.edu
Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures Department Part-Time Faculty Isolina Sands isands@csufresno.edu
Outreach and Special Programs Staff Angie Iribe angiemiribe@csufresno.edu
Philosophy Department Faculty Aldea R. Mulhern aldea@csufresno.edu
Psychology Department Faculty Rosa Toro rtoro@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Carlos Manuel Diaz cadiaz@csufresno.edu
Services for Students with Disabilities Staff Belen Marquez belenvera@csufresno.edu
Social Work Education Department Staff Claudia Ceja cceja@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Ruth Avila ravila@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Graduate Assistant Devin Blagg sblagg@mail.fresnostate.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Zenaida Cruz zcruz@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Diana Karageozian dkarageozian@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff Mindy Kates mkates@csufresno.edu
Student Health and Counseling Center Staff, Coordinator Kathleen A. Yarmo kyarmo@csufresno.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Graduate Assistant Gilbert Falcon gfalcon@mail.fresnostate.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Staff Sophie Karas skaras@csufresno.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Graduate Assistant Camerina Morales camerina14@mail.fresnostate.edu
Student Involvement: Student Activities and University Student Union Staff, Administrative Coordinator Elisa Michelle Ramos elisaramos@csufresno.edu
SupportNet Graduate Assistant Alexus Rodriguez rodriguez.alexus@mail.fresnostate.edu
Theater Arts Department Faculty  Andrew J Waldron awaldron@csufresno.edu
TRiO Student Support Services- Disabilities Staff, Director Luis Flores luflores@mail.fresnostate.edu
TRiO Student Support Services-Disabilities Staff Connie Vang connievang03@mail.fresnostate.edu
Undergraduate Degree Evaluations (University Registrar) Staff Mai T. Chang mtchang@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Kathryn Ann Dunbar kdunbar@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Ashley Fagundes afagundes@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Graduate Assistant Angelica Lopez angelicalopez1994@mail.fresnostate.edu
University Advising Center Staff Kathleen Mary Molina kmmolina@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Monica Olmedo molmedo@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff Perla Sarahi Perez-Maciel pperezmaciel@csufresno.edu
University Advising Center Staff David Yang dyang@csufresno.edu
Veterans Services/University Registrar Staff, Director, Registrar Laura Yager lyager@csufresno.edu