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Who We Are

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Professional Development Committee Members:

Diana Karagoezian, Co-Chair, Student Health and Counseling Center

Lerin Winchester, Co-Chair, Rec Sports and Fitness

Ger Xiong, TRIO Student Support Services
Kelly Maravilla, Educational Talent Search
Melissa Norris, Student Health and Counseling Center
Robyn Gutierrez, Veterans Services
Sonia Sanchez, Learning Center
Tanis Matlock, Student Conduct

Contact Us:

Diana Karagoezian, Co-Chair

Phone: 559.278.6736
Email: dkarageozian@mail.fresnostate.edu

Lerin Winchester, Co-Chair

Phone: 559.278.0725
Email: lwinchester@csufresno.edu

Our Mission:

Established by the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, the committee actively pursues and secures professional development opportunities for staff within the division. These opportunities aid our division in achieving its goals and overall mission while also supporting the university’s commitment to continuous improvement.