Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Leadership Team

Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Dr. Frank Lamas, Vice President

Dr. Frank R. Lamas

Associate Vice Presidents

Dr. Carolyn V. Coon, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students

Dr. Carolyn V. Coon
Student Affairs and Dean of Students/Interim Judicial Affairs Director

Dr. Malisa Lee,
Enrollment Services

Maxine McDonald, Associate Vice President

Maxine McDonald,
Student Success Services

Executive Director for Student Health & Counseling Center

Maria Madrigal Shaffer, Director

Maria Madrigal

Directors, Associate/Assistant Directors, and Coordinators

Tina Beddall, Director of Admissions & Records

Tina Beddall,
Admissions & Records

Dr. Selena Castro,
Advising Services

Debbie Young

Debbie Young,
Career Services

Dr. Francine Oputa, Director

Dr. Francine Oputa,
Cross Cultural & Gender Center & Culture/Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute (CVCHI)

Jessica Adams, Gender Programs & Services

David Hembree

David Hembree, Development

Andy Hernandez, Assistant Director

Dr. Andres Hernandez,
Financial Aid and Enrollment Planning/Analytics

Denise Tardell, Financial Aid

Tosha Giuffrida, Assistant Director

Tosha Giuffrida,
Learning Center/SupportNet

Jessica Medina

Jessica Medina,
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management - Special Projects; Food Security Project

Derek Walters, Director

Derek Walters,
Rec Sports & Fitness (Student Recreation Center)

Greg Varela

Greg Varela,

Dr. Janell Morillo

Dr. Janell Morillo,
Student Affairs Administration

vp leadership picture

Dirk Ruthrauff,
Student Affairs Compliance & Budget

Wendy Oliver, Coordinator

Wendy Oliver,
Student Health & Counseling Center -Clinical Services

Dr. Rebecca Raya-Fernandez,
Student Health & Counseling Center - Training Programs/CAPS

Geraldine Panelo Elizondo

Geraldine Panelo Elizondo,
Student Involvement

Melissa Ginotti, Director

Melissa Ginotti,
Student Involvement

Eluterio Escamilla, Director

Eluterio L. Escamilla,
Student Support Services

Jenny Robledo, Director

Jenny Robledo,
Talent Search

Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen, Director

Rita Bocchinfuso-Cohen,
Testing Center

Francis Pena-Olgin, Director

Frances Pena-Olgin,
University Outreach Services

Martina Granados, Director

Martina Granados,
Upward Bound

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