Legacy of Leadership

September 17, 2010

Henry Madden Library - Elipse Balcony

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Past ASI Presidents with Dr. Welty and Dr. OliaroAttendees at Legacy of Leadership Event Sept 2010Students at Legacy of Leadership event

Legacy of Leadership Booklet cover

A past ASI president standing next to his photoDr. Oliaro looking at the "Legacy for Leadership" bookletPaul DeRuosi talking to past ASI president (Wahlberg)

Dr. Oliaro with guestsPaul DeRuosi with guestsguest looking at "Legacy of Leadership" booklet

Dr. OliaroDr. Oliaro with guest at Legacy of LeadershipDr. Welty with past ASI presidents

guests at Legacy of Leadership eventAlex A. getting hugged by guest.attendees to the Legacy of LeadershipDr. Welty speaking to attendees of the Leader of Leadership Eventattendees listening to speechAttendees listening to speech.Attendees having discussion about a picture.ASI President presents check to the Centennial Scholars fund.