Advising Services

The Office of Advising Services provides a variety of services designed to help students achieve their educational goals and effectively use the resources of the university. They can assist in:

  • undeclared major advising
  • general education advising
  • academic petition procedures
  • deciding upon your major
  • advice regarding special majors
  • referrals
  • explain university policies and procedures
  • general academic problem solving

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.1787



Technology Innovations in Learning, and Teaching (TILT) provides access and support for Blackboard - an online course management system used for delivering dynamic, interactive online courses and for fostering online communication for various campus organizations.

Students can access the Blackboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a single login at Services include:

  • view or print syllabi & lecture notes
  • check grades
  • view video/audio provided by faculty
  • engage in Discussion Boards with fellow students
  • meet faculty and students in the Virtual Classroom
  • submit assignments via the Digital Drop Box
  • take quizzes and exams online


Support from T I L T

Students, faculty and staff are welcome to contact T I L T if experiencing problems using Fresno State's Blackboard system.

Resource Lab: 559.278.7373
Main Office: 559.278.6892

Support from the Help Desk

Contact the Help Desk if you are experiencing problems after regular business hours.

Monday through Friday 7:00am until 9:00pm
Saturday 8:00am until 5:00pm

Students: 559.278.7000
Faculty and staff: 559.278.5000


Career Services

Career Services offers the following:

  • part-time or full time job listings
  • career counselors
  • computers for job searching
  • on campus recruiting and job fairs
  • career search & resume workshops
  • computer programs (Eureka & Sigi Plus)
  • a library of career reference and job search books
  • satellite office dedicated to education careers in Education Building, Room 18

Students can come in and to look for a job while they are at school or get information on a new career!

Location: Thomas Administration Building, 103
Phone: 559.278.2381


The Center for Women and Culture

Central Valley Cultural Heritage Institute

The CVCHI is dedicated to the celebration and study of the cultural heritage, diversity and contributions of the people of California's Central Valley. The Center fosters a supportive environment for multicultural interaction. It brings together academic course content and co-curricular and community activities. Share with them in seminars, lectures, community service projects and Exhibits.

 The Violence Prevention Project (VPP)

is a project of the Women's Resource Center. Our primary focus is to provide education, prevention and intervention in regards to Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence), and Stalking to all students, staff and faculty. We have established a Campus and Com- munity Response Team (CCRT) to improve the quality and coordination of services to victims of violence. We will work with and train our partners to effectively respond to Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence (Domestic Violence) and/or Stalking. In addition, they will be trained to work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gendered students, staff and faculty. Crisis counselors are available 24 hours. The VPP will provide the following services to all Fresno State students, staff and faculty:

  • Peer Counseling
  • Education
  • Victim Advocacy
  • Legal Options
  • Support Groups
  • Individual Support
  • Resources/Referrals
  • A Safe Environment

Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center provides a supportive envi- ronment for interaction and self-discovery through a wide- range of campus activities. The Center is located in the hub of activity near the Free Speech Area in the University Center. Services include:

  • information on health care topics
  • childcare services in the community or on campus
  • advising & Peer Counseling
  • packets of information on topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence and reproductive issues are also available

Location: Thomas Administration Building, 110A
Phone: 559.278.4435


Childcare on Campus/Joyce M. Huggins Children's Center

You can find the child care center in the atrium of the Education Building. The center is a state of the art child care facility which offers classrooms for infant/toddler (3 months - 2 years), preschool (2 - 6 years), and school age (5-12 years old).

Location: Kremen , Room. 26
Phone: 559.278.0225

To Apply:

  • Pick up an application from School of Education & Human Development Building, Room 26
  • Complete & return application to reception area.

The center is a funded program of the State Department of Education, and therefore gives priority to student families who meet the state requirements. Fees for low-income families are determined on a sliding scale. The center participates in the Federal Food Program, so a balanced diet is offered daily. For more information please call Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Educational Opportunity Program

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is designed to make higher education a reality for students who come from families with a history of low income and low educational attainment. The EOP Office provides:

  • academic, career & personal counseling
  • peer advising
  • tutorial service
  • Summer Bridge program
  • EOP grants

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.1787



The Evaluations Office checks students' applications for bachelor's degrees and reports to them regarding eligibility for the degrees.

In order to be eligible for graduation, students must:

  1. Submit an application for the degree/ pay the graduation fee.
  2. Have been approved for graduation by the faculty.
  3. Completed with appropriate scholastic standing all courses required for the degree. (Graduates receive their official diplomas by mail.)
  4. Have filed official transcripts for all coursework attempted prior to graduation

Check the catalog for the criteria for Honors at the following web site:

Since the requirement for honors could change, students are requested to check the current General Catalog for the criteria in effect at the time of graduation.


Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid and Where Do Students Begin? Approximately two-thirds of all student financial aid, including loans and the work-study program comes from federal programs administered by the United States Department of Education. The remaining one-third of student financial aid comes from:

  • scholarships
  • state-funded programs
  • ROTC (U.S. Armed Forces)
  • campus-based programs
  • grants
  • private companies
  • clubs

A student's financial aid status can be viewed on the My Fresno State Portal. All students interested in receiving financial assistance for college are to obtain and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) here:

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 296
Phone: 559.278.2182


Student Health and Counseling Center

General Information and Medical Appointments 559.278.2734

Psychological Services 559.278.6738

Health Promotion & Wellness 559.278.6727

Our mission is to promote the academic and personal success of Fresno State students by encouraging the maintenance of healthy lifestyles and providing accessible primary health and psychological care.


UHPS is open 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (Summer 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.), Monday through Friday; closed Wednesdays 8:00 a.m.; limited services 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Most services are provided on a walk-in basis. Appointments are available for some services and required for women's annual exam.

Health services include the following:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries and immunizations, both required and elective
  • HIV antibody testing & counseling
  • Health Education programs
  • Laboratory services
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physical Therapy
  • Women's Health
  • X-ray services
  • Orthopedics
  • Dermatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Psychiatry
  • TB skin tests


The Health Center is staffed by full-time physicians in the specialties of Family Practice and Internal Medicine. Consultant physicians in dermatology, psychiatry, and radiology may also be available on a part-time basis. Specially trained and licensed Nurse Practitioners provide independent care, in consultation with staff physicians. Support and ancillary services include pharmacy, clinical laboratory, x-ray, health education, and physical therapy.


Counseling is available at no charge to help students in dealing with personal and emotional issues. Consultation and referrals are also provided. Walk-in services are available from 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. weekdays during the semester. The staff includes a psychologist and licensed clinical social workers and counseling interns.


Health services are accredited by the Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Health Care. Counseling services are accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services. UHPS is an institutional member of American College Health Association.


Students share in the cost of Health Center operations by paying a mandatory health fee each semester at the time of registration. This fee is the primary source of support for University Health & Psychological Services.

Location: 5044 N. Barton, near Shaw.


Health Career Opportunities Program

HCOP has many programs, services, resources, and activities for its students. Freshmen, for example, receive:

  • peer advising
  • scholarships
  • information on health careers
  • summer research programs
  • field trips
  • internships
  • academic counseling
  • academic workshops

Location: Science Building, Room 136
Phone: 559.278.4150


International Student Services and Programs

Fresno State provides international students with a quality education at a great value.

  • Assistance with the application process
  • Ongoing academic advising
  • Assistance with Federal Agencies, Immigration processes, and reporting
  • Assistance with registration, orientation and advising
  • Assistance with health insurance
  • Arranged special events and programs

Location: Joyal Administration Buidling, 2nd Floor, Room 256
Phone: 559.278.2782


Jan & Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning

The Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning program promotes the value of community service to students, faculty, and staff.  In 2007-08, the university community provided 680,000 hours of service to the community and President John Welty has set a goal of providing 1 million hours of service annually by 2011. Involvement in community service:

  • fosters a sense of social responsibility
  • provides students with meaningful and unique learning opportunities
  • establishes partnerships with the community & the university
  • provides opportunities for academic credit
  • offers opportunities to clarify career goals and increase many types of job related skills
  • sharpens interpersonal skills by working with others

Location: Thomas Administration Building, Room 107 
Phone: 559.278.7079


Learning Center (LC)

Welcome to the LRC. Learning assistance services include:

  • Free Tutoring
  • Academic Skills Workshops such as:
    • Textbook Reading & Note Taking
    • Time Management
    • Test Preparation & Memorization
    • Learning Styles
    • Stress & Relaxation

Services are free to enrolled Fresno State students.

Location: Henry Madden Library, Collection Level
Phone: 559.278.3052

Migrant Assistance College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

What is "CAMP"? CAMP is for new students who are applying to Fresno State and have a migrant or seasonal farm worker background. CAMP helps students stay in school and provides both academic and career services. Participants are eligible for a variety of services that may include:

  • vision insurance
  • dental insurance
  • financial assistance
  • books
  • help with registration fees

Location: Thomas Administration Building, Room 105
Phone: 559.278.4768


Mini-Corps Program

This program is developed to prepare migrant students to work in bilingual classrooms and to obtain teaching credentials. Mini-Corps staff provide:

  • counseling
  • advising
  • financial support

Location: Kremen School of Education & Human Development Building, Room 461
Phone: 559.278.0359


Reentry/Transfer Students

In Advising Services, we provide assistance to the needs of adult learners and transfer students. Once you have been admitted and have attended DOG DAYS, we can help you address these complex academic/life/career issues and provide the following assistance:

  • academic advising
  • referrals to campus services

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.1787


Public Contact Windows/ Registrar

What can you do here?

  • Transcripts: Official & Unofficial
  • Change of address forms
  • Residency specialist
  • Veterans Services
  • Change of Major/Minor
  • Grade substitution forms
  • Registration: add/drop classes
  • Application for enrollment
  • Verification of enrollment
  • Planned leaves of absence
  • Re-admission

Location: North lobby-Joyal Administration Building
Phone: 559.278.2261


Air Force ROTC

The primary goal of AFROTC is to provide students with the opportunity for well-paying, challenging and rewarding positions as commissioned Air Force officers and leaders after graduation. Services include:

  • scholarships
  • monthly stipends
  • incentive programs

Location: North Gym, Room 158
Phone: 559.278.2593


Army R.O.T.C.

The Department of Military Science provides a program of leadership development which prepares college men and women for service as officers in the United States Army. After graduation, they serve as commissioned officers on active duty, or as an officer in an Army Reserve or National Guard unit.

Location: North Gym, Room 211
Phone: 559.278.2887


Scholarship Office

The Scholarship Office awards over a thousand donor- sponsored scholarships that range from $100 to almost $5000. These awards provide recognition and financial assistance to students who have a high level of academic achievement. The Scholarship application is available and accepted online from September 1 through November 30th each year for students attending the following year at Fresno State. However, students may submit a late application after the November 30 deadline for any unused scholarship funds. All awards are dedicated to students enrolled at California State University, Fresno. Other sources for scholarship information can be found on the web at Here you log in and cre- ate a profile and they will continue to send you scholar- ship information as it applies to your career goals

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 274
Phone: 559.278.6572


Services for Students with Disabilities

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) is " A Resource for students with disabilities to achieve academic, cultural, and social excellence"

We do this through services which provide:

  • Access
  • Campus Involvement
  • Social Support
  • Disability Awareness
  • Self-Advocacy
  • and Tools for Future Success

Location: Henry Madden Library, Suite 1202
Phone: 559.278.2811
Fax: 559. 278.4214


Student Activities and Leadership Development

Being involved with student activities during your college life means taking an active role in shaping your learning experience. A strong emphasis in hands-on learning means students create programs while learning leadership, personal development, and management skills. This office is involved in:

  • Intramural Recreation
  • Associated Students Inc.
  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Parents' Weekend
  • New Student Convocation
  • Diversity Awareness Program
  • Multicultural Student Leadership Conference
  • Vintage Days
  • Greek Week
  • Homecoming Activities
  • Welcome Week

Information on Clubs and guidelines on how to start a club: 

Location: University Student Union, 3rd Floor, Room 306
Phone: 559.278.2741

Student Recreation Center

The Student Recreation Center is open free of charge to Fresno State students with a university ID card during the regular academic year. Fresno State's new Student Recreation Center is just west of the Save Mart Center. The 92,000-square-foot recreation center includes:

  • A 14,000-square-foot fitness center with cardio- vascular and strength equipment for able-bodied and disabled people and stretching mats.
  • A four-sided, 18-screen television kiosk at the center of the center with wireless FM transmitters to the workout machines to provide TV audio for use with personal headphones.
  • Two gymnasiums with four basketball / volleyball courts and six badminton courts.
  • A walking/running track
  • Cardiovascular machines
  • An aerobic studio
  • Men's and women's shower-locker rooms.

For more information call 559.347.3800

Student Support Services Program

SSS is a federal TRIO grant program that serves first generation, low income, and disabled students. The program's goal is to improve the graduation and reten- tion rates of the SSS students. Services provided are:

  • career counseling
  • academic support services
  • college level reading / writing skills development
  • stipends
  • computer lab

Location: Thomas Administration Building, Room 122
Phone: 559.278.5725


Study Abroad

Study in another country or another state!

  • Explore new geographic settings
  • Experience academic diversification
  • Increase your cultural awareness
  • Build your resume
  • Learn more about your capabilities
  • Grow academically and socially
  • Gain independence and confidence

Location: Family and Food Sciences Building, Room 119
Phone: 559.278.6452 Fax: 559.278.4203


Testing Services

For any testing needs related to the completion of edu- cational goals, please drop by our office. Information on the following tests and test dates can be found on the web site:

  • Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT)
  • Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • English Placement Test (EPT) / Math (ELM)
  • The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)
  • Professional Assessments (Praxis)
  • Upper Division Writing Exam (UDWE)

Location: Family & Food Science Building, Room 110
Phone: 559.278.2457


University Migrant Services

UMS is a program sponsored by California State University, Fresno to provide academic guidance and supportive services to migrant or seasonal farm-worker students enrolled at the university. Services provided are:

  • academic advising
  • personal development
  • career experience
  • internships
  • graduation assistance
  • application assistance for graduate programs
  • career related volunteer experience
  • job referrals

Location: Joyal Administration Building, 2nd Floor, Room 224
Phone: 559.278.5750


USU Productions

Students can get involved in USU Productions committees that help coordinate activities for the campus. Some of the committees are:

  • BAG of Laughs
  • The Point
  • Festivals
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing/Recruitment
  • Recreation & Leisure
  • Big Screen Celebrations
  • The Music Scene
  • Center Stage
  • Spirit
  • Special Events

The web site address above lists the duties of these committees.

Location: Universtity Student Union, 3rd Floor, Room 306
Phone: 559.278.2741


University Student Union

The University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Fresno offers services, programs and events in an inviting and interactive atmosphere. This is achieved through:

  • cultural programs
  • student lounge
  • snack bar
  • volunteer leadership experiences
  • educational and entertaining events
  • recreation and leisure activities
  • recreation area: billiards, bowling, TV room
  • video games & board games

Location: University Student Union, 3rd Floor, Room 306
Phone: 559.278.2741


USU Pavilion

Need to cash a check or send bills through the mail? Pay for a parking citation? The Pavilion offers services including:

  • Golden 1 Credit Union
  • United States Post Office Express
  • University Police Pavilion

Location: Downstairs University Student Union