Critical Processes for Student Success

Student success is our most important outcome. For each Fresno State student, success is a result of negotiating each of the critical processes listed below - from the time you aspire to attend Fresno State until you graduate. The offices within the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management division perform vital functions to assist students in the completion of each of these processes. Please review this section carefully to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goal.

Critical Process Circles


To provide information and encouragement to potential students to pursue and undergraduate in higher education.


To provide information for and actively solicit qualified students to attend Fresno State.


To provide users friendly and accessible resources to assist potential students to apply for admission to Fresno State.


To review and assess applications in a timely manner to determine potential students' eligibility for admission and, eventually, to determine eligibility for receiving their degree.


To provide information and user friendly/efficient processes to register for classes and apply for/receive financial aid.


To provide new students information and programs to assist their academic and personal transition to Fresno State.


To provide academic support services and personal support to promote students' academic achievement and to assist them in overcoming obstacles to their success.


To encourage students to become engaged in co-cirricular learnings experiences that complement their academic cirriculum and provide opportunities for personal development.


To provide opportunities for leadership development, self responsibilities, participation in community service and appreciation of diversity.


To assist students in their pursuit of employment/post-baccalaureate education and to provide celebratory recognition of their academic and personal achievements at Fresno State.

Desired Characteristics of Fresno State Graduates

After your educational goals have been attained and you reach the final stage of student success-graduation-you become a representative of your University. The staff and faculty of our Student Affairs and Enrollment Management division work with all students to provide learning experiences and support that will help you acquire the necessary skills and characteristics that will identify you as an educated Fresno State graduate.

We believe that each Fresno State graduate should be an individual who:

  • Maintains high standards of ethics and professionalism;
  • Exhibits multicultural awareness and cultural competence;
  • Demonstrates excellent verbal, written, and computer skills;
  • Recognizes their responsibilities to be a life-long learner;
  • Practices critical thinking skills;
  • Achieves a high level of expertise in their academic major and career field;
  • Demonstrates a sense of purpose through setting personal goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • Strives for a high degree of civic engagement with their community.

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management staff encourages you to take advantage of many of the out of classroom clubs, activities, organizations, and events offered on our campus to ensure you have a broad based experience that will allow you to be a distinguished and educated Fresno State graduate.