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All students have a unique story to tell. It's not just about what various programs and services students utilize. It's about how these programs and services boldly empower students, and the resulting achievements.

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  • "Being involved gave me motivation to do better in school and something to look forward to every semester. Now that I'm graduating, I feel that my involvement has prepared me for a career after graduation."
  •  ”When I first came to Fresno State, I was extremely nervous and even had a minor meltdown because I had never been so far from home without anyone I knew, and I had no idea where to find the nearest Costco. To make Fresno seem more like home, I made a considerable effort to get to know everyone I met and never say no to an opportunity to meet more people. Today I have fallen in love with the Fresno State Campus, its people and the fantastic opportunities it offers.”
  • "I currently work in Fresno State Student Involvement as the Graduate Assistant for Clubs and Organizations / Major Campus Events. There are so many resources on campus for students to utilize, and so many different ways to get involved."
  • "Fresno State has brought sisterhood, everlasting friendship and endless memories I will hope to never forget. This May I will leave Fresno State as a past National Pan-Hellenic president, a Fresno State EOP student, and a first generation college graduate." 
  • "Being a parent and a student can be very challenging especially because you're held at the same standards as your classmates. It's not always fair but failure isn't an option and being a parent makes up for all the hard work."
  • “I got to be part and help out with events such as National Suicide Prevention Week, National Hunger Homelessness Awareness Week, Healthy Campus Week, and Depression and Anxiety Screening Day.  I am a different person now than when I started. I learned so much through the process I became better at communicating, listening, planning, and being more creative.“
  • "Once I was attending Fresno State, deeply rooted personal issues plagued my first year at State. But thanks to the wonderful counseling and other services that Fresno State provides, I have bounced back re-energized and happier my second year."

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