Commencement Ceremony Instructions Decorum

The Commencement Ceremony is a traditional academic ritual symbolizing the culmination of many years of hard work. Please help us ensure the Commencement Ceremony provides a dignified and respectful conclusion to this phase of your education by observing the following expectations and attentively considering the rights and feelings of all participants and guests.

  • You must wear your academic regalia to the ceremony. Shoes and shirt must be worn in the arena at all times.
  • Once you are seated following the processional, please stand when the President’s Party enters, and again for the national anthem. During the national anthem, following tradition, men should remove their caps. Women are also welcome to remove their caps, but etiquette does not require that they do so. Placing the right hand over the heart during the anthem is another sign of patriotism for both men and women.
  • Following the national anthem, please remain seated for the entirety of the ceremony.
  • No signs, fireworks, balls, balloons, food, beverages, air horns, weapons, or other items that may distract from the ceremony are permitted into the Save Mart Center.
  • Graduates who choose to ignore these rules will be excused and may be subject to university disciplinary action that could delay graduation.

Follow Up Actions to Take

African American Recognition Program – update these pages


Update senior experience commencement page for instructions to apply to winter 2014

Clean Up/Thin Down Other sites w/redundant information Senior Experience

Confirm dates of Grad Fest with Bookstore
Confirm no online cap and gown ordering from bookstore
Update the additional ceremonies schedule for 2014


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