Grade Substitution by Repetition of Courses

Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student may repeat for grade substitution up to 16 semester units of undergraduate coursework at California State University, Fresno. If the original grade was D, F, WU, or IC, and subsequent grade in the same or higher, the new grade will be substituted for the original grade. Only the substituted grade will be used in determining the student's grade point average. A grade substitution may be made only once for each course.

A course attempted at another institution may be repeated by enrolling in a regular Fresno State course determined by the Evaluations Office to be equivalent. A course for which grade substitution has been granted at another institution may not be repeated for grade substitution at Fresno State, and a course taken at Fresno State may not be repeated for grade substitution at another institution.

If a student repeats a course in which the prior grade earned was a "C/CR" or higher, the repetition will be recorded on the student’s transcript, but the new grade will not be substituted for the original grade. Further, the units attempted, units earned, and grade points will be deducted after all grades are posted at the end of each semester.

All appropriate grade substitutions will automatically be posted to the student's records at the end of each semester except in cases in which the first attempt was at another institution. For these cases, a Grade Substitution Petition form must be filed with the Admissions and Records Service Windows by the last day of the semester.

Graduate Students

Postbaccalaureate students pursuing:

  1. A second baccalaureate degree,
  2. A second undergraduate major,
  3. A teaching credential, or
  4. Who have no specific objective,

are eligible to repeat courses for grade substitution, assuming both attempts occur after the student attains postbaccalaureate standing. This policy does not apply to students enrolled in graduate degree curricula.

With the approval of an adviser, a postbaccalaureate student pursuing a doctoral, master's degree, or an advanced certificate may repeat a course for academic credit, regardless of what grade was originally earned in the course; however, the student is not eligible to petition for grade substitution. All course work taken, beginning with the first term of the student's doctoral or master's degree program, is used in determining the student's grade point average and graduation eligibility.

For futher information, contact the Admissions and Records office located in the North Lobby, Joyal Administration Building.