Incomplete Make-Up Grade

The symbol "I" (Incomplete Authorized) means that a portion of required course work has not been completed and evaluated during the semester due to unforeseen, but fully justified reasons and there is still a possibility of earning credit.

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of unforeseen circumstances and then determine, from the instructor, the remaining course requirements needed to remove the Incomplete. A final grade is assigned by the instructor when the agreed upon work has been completed and evaluated. Students may not enroll in a course for which they have an I grade.

Normally it is expected that the student will make up an "I" grade during the next semester; however, it must be made up within one calendar year immediately following the last day of the semester/session which it was assigned. This limitation prevails whether or not the student maintains continuous enrollment.

Failure to complete the assigned work will result in the "I" being counted as a failing grade for grade point average computation. An "I" grade not made up within one calendar year after the grade has been recorded is changed to an "IC" (or an "NC" if "CR/NC" grading was approved).

Incomplete grades must be cleared before a degree is awarded. In the absence of the instructor who has assigned the Incomplete grade, a student seeking to make up this grade should consult the department chairperson.

A short-term extension of time may be granted with justification by contacting the Office of the Registrar prior to the last day of the second semester/session.