Parenting and Family

Are you a parent of children under 18 years old? Check out these resources and services for student parents!

Student Parent Resources

For more information on resources for nursing parents please visit the Human Resources page here.

Breast Feeding Coalition - A student-led Fresno State club that aims to conduct all activities and advocacy in a manner that is both culturally relevant and sensitive regarding breast feeding. Their Facebook page can be found here.

Pregnant Student Rights: All students are entitled to an equal opportunity for education. Title IX protects these rights for pregnant students, regardless of gender.

For more information visit the Title IX page on pregnant students here

Title IX:

Title IX 1Title IX 2


For more on Title IX in general click here


Early Education, Co-Curricular Activities and Child Care:

Early Education and Child Care Services 1Early Education and Child Care Services 2Early Education and Child Care Services 3Early Education and Child Care Services 4 Co-curricular Activities


For early education and care resources for children of student parents click here.

Lactation Spaces

Lactation Station Handout 1 Lactation Station Handout 2


For more information on lactation stations click here

Baby Changing Stations

Family Restrooms (this can include gender-inclusive restrooms found here)

Student Cupboard

Student Cupboard


For more information on the Student Cupboard click here.

 Financial Support:

Financial Support 1Financial Support 2


For more on CalFresh click here. For more on the Good Samaritan Fund click here. For more on financial grants available to students click here


For even more resources available to student parents click here.