You need a resume for nearly every job opportunity to which you apply. If you do not yet have a resume, NOW is the time to start one! You should always keep a current resume on hand and add new work experiences, awards, activities, etc. as they arise. It is highly difficult to remember everything you have done unless you write it down. Also, having a resume on hand will encourage you to apply to opportunities as they come available rather than getting bogged down with the thought of having to create a resume representative of your accomplishments.

In-Person Assistance

Starting a resume can be difficult, but the best way is to jump right in and start brainstorming your experiences. Call 278-2381 to set up an appointment with a counselor and they can help go over the basics. You can also visit the office during walk-in hours or attend a resume writing workshop (see Career Services calendar for pertinent dates and times).

Web Based Assistance - Optimal Resume

Additionally, you may use our free, web-based resume development and tutorial tool, OptimalResume. With OptimalResume, you can quickly and easily create, format, and manage up to 5 resumes in several downloadable formats, including Word Compatible, Plain Text, PDF, and a website. You can even submit your resume for review by one of the trained Career Counselors!


Click on the below Quicktime movies for information on the various sections of your resume.

Introduction and Strategy
Overall Content and Contact Information
Objective Statement
Educational Information
Experience Sections
Other Possible Sections
Aesthetics and Other Resume Formats

Resume Samples

Below are some resume samples to give you some ideas (The Child Development Resume and the Social Work Resume were created through OptimalResume):

Engineering Resume
Child Development Resume
Finance Resume
Social Work Resume
Graduate Student Resume

Also make sure to review the resume writing content in our Career Matters Handbook. Page 11 and 12 includes a helpful bank of action verbs to help you strengthen the wording you use.