How to Research a Company/Organization

Things to know before you start.....

1. It’s usually easier to find information about publicly owned companies than privately owned ones.

2. Generally, it’s easier to find information about corporations as a whole than their subsidiaries or divisions.

3. It’s always easier to find information about large, nationally known corporations than about local or regional ones.

4. Information in print materials may be dated. While newspapers and news magazines generally cover current events, other print resources may be several months to many years old. The Internet can provide up-to-the-minute news and daily information updates, but web sites are not uniformly current. Check dates where you can.

5. No single library may have everything you need. In addition to the Henry Madden Library on campus, consider visiting a Fresno County library branch, the Fresno, Clovis, Hispanic and/or Fresno Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, and government offices, as well as telephone calls or letters to trade associations, in your search for company information.

For additional information and resources on how to research a company/organization, view the following useful website: