Jobs and Internships

According the the national Recruiting Trends 2007-2008 report conducted by Michigan State University and The Collegiate Employment Research Institute:

  • 50% of employers wanted students to have AT LEAST one work-related experience before graduation  
  • The other 50% of employers preferred that students have TWO work-related experiences as a means of differentiating themselves from the applicant pool.  The point is:

You need to get work experience while in college!!  

Make an appointment with a career counselor by calling 559.278.2381 or browse the following sites for ideas on how to secure part-time, full-time, internship, or on campus opportunities.  Also visit a career counselor during walk-in hours to start or revise a resume.


On-Campus Jobs

On-Campus Interviewing Program

Internships / Career Experience

Full-time Job Search

Internet Search Resources

A job search usually takes MONTHS, so start early and visit our office for encouragement and coaching.

Student Lingo Online Workshop

Mastering The Job Interview