Resources for a Green Career Search

Would you like to incorporate your care for the environment into a meaningful career?  Many people would like to explore opportunities in the expanding "Green Economy" but do not know where to get started. Below are some resources for career exploration, networking, and actual job search sites for green jobs. 

Green Career Exploration

The first thing to note when looking for a green job, is that all educational levels and skill sets are welcome!  You do not need to be an engineer or scientist to be able to participate in the green economy (although there are many worthwhile positions for those professionals).  Below please find career exploration resources that will help you become familiar with the various green industries and job titles that exist.

Green Jobs Guidebook - Index of Industries & Job Titles

  • Index of industries, job titles, and profiles of salary and education needed
  • Examples: Low Carbon Power & Renewable Power Generation, Carbon Capture and Storage, Transportation, Green Buildings, Public Sector/Government, Non-Profit Sector, Consulting & Research

Green Careers Guidebook – Specific Green Areas and Job Titles

  • Information on specific green areas and job titles as well as important career articles on topics such as “What is a Green Career?” and “Guide to Starting a Business”

Green Career Central

  • - Great for green career exploration
  • Many free resources, but you have to sign up to have access to full site
  • Utilize the 14 day free trial and sign up for the "tip a week" (free resource)

Green Job Search Sites


Opportunities with the Federal Government

Local Resources

Utilize following meta search engines and search by zip code:

Green Corps (Similar Program to AmeriCorps)

  • Year long training/work program for environmental organizers
    National organization, but they have a posting in Fresno
  • West Coast Deadline – May 1 prior to the fall start date
  • Alumni of the program work at places like, The Sierra Club, Green Peace, Global Exchange

Other Green Resources

Online Networking Opportunities

Campus Resources

  • Join a student organization – Student Involvement for information
  • Interest Organizations include: Recycling Club, Student Environmental Awareness Club
  • Academic Organizations – Academic organizations exist for various disciplines (Geology, Engineering, Agriculture, IT, Business, etc.) – Join an organization and then advocate for green activities and/or networking with green employers in the valley

Take Home Points

  • You can search for “green” opportunities within any field
  • There are plenty of opportunities out there
  • Start networking and researching!