Career Development Center for Graduate Students

Just because you made it to graduate school does not mean you should already know everything there is to know about your career path or preparing for a job search. At Fresno State Career Development Center, we would like to help you with any aspect of your career planning or job searching needs. Below are some of the main services we offer to graduate students.

Counseling Appointments

Career Development Center offers individual, hour-long counseling/ coaching appointments. Within these appointments, you can talk to a career counselor about a variety of issues regarding your career options or simply review your application materials (resume/CV, cover letter, personal statement). The career counselor will also give you job searching tools to start your search in the right direction. Similarly, if you are considering a doctoral program, a counselor can show you how to search for and apply to programs. Call 559.278.2381 to make an appointment with one of our career counselors.

Walk-in Advising

If you have a quick question or resume review, feel free to utilize our walk in hours. Check our schedule posted online as walk-in hours vary from semester to semester, but we usually have two hours available Monday through Thursday.

Career Assessments

Career Development Center has a variety of career assessments to lend valuable insight into your interests, personality, aptitudes, and values in relation to your career path. See the Career Assessments page on this website to see an overview of the options. Take the assessments and then make an hour-long appointment with a career counselor to go over the results. A graduate degree does not necessarily direct you to a specific career path, so taking an assessment might help you to narrow your options.

Resume/CV & Cover Letter Critique

Call 559.278.2381 to make an appointment or visit walk-in hours to have a professional critique of these important application materials.

Job Searching Tools

Career Development Center offers HireFresnoState (formerly BulldogLink), a web-based job listing system where graduate students can access jobs and paid internships. We also have a variety of other internet based job searching resources.

Considering a Doctorate?

If you would like to continue your graduate study beyond your master’s degree, call 559.278.2381 to make an appointment and to talk about the steps needed to apply to a doctoral program.